As YouTube enters its second decade, the platform has established itself as the foremost destination for fan communities and especially consumers. It is no longer a question of whether or not a brand marketer should develop a strategy specifically tailored for the platform, but rather, what that strategy should look like. While the opportunities available […]

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“Ghost Towns,” a short film created by Luke and Marika Neumann using 8K technology, was in the news recently for its alleged capacity to “break your computer.” (The resolution is so high, none of the screens on the current market support it.) Soon after, YouTube clarified that the platform had been capable of  supporting content filmed in […]

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Here, in part one of a three-part series devoted to Automobiles on YouTube, ZEFR Insights investigates the unique trend of “car surprises” and how the platform captures “moments” and “mindsets” unlike any other social platform. ZEFR Insights has always championed YouTube’s unmatched breadth of content as an opportunity for brands. By this point it should […]