Cultural Trends

In part one of our three-part series, “Parenting on YouTube,” ZEFR Insights explored pregnancy trends on the platform. Here, in part two, we delve deeply into the daunting days of early parenting to find the best of the endless video trends from baby showers to rocker reviews. Baby Shower Decorations and Hauls Some brands are […]


Record Store Day was launched in 2007 to remind those of us galloping headlong down a path toward all things digital, that stores and communities and tangible things still mattered. The mission remains the same nearly 8 years later. However, contrary to a common assumption, the idea of Record Store Day is not inherently anti-technology. […]


Red Bull Records recording artist AWOLNATION is perhaps the only rock band working today who best understands the strange and wonderful after-effects of well-done, user-generated YouTube content. There is no practical science to explain exactly why the band’s single “Sail,” from their 2011 debut Megalithic Symphony, inspired so many users on the platform to create […]


The digital and social agency (and more) BTC Revolutions first caught the attention of ZEFR after we began looking into the overwhelmingly effective social media strategy for the casual-dining franchise Applebee’s. We became intrigued by how the restaurant had managed to erase social media borders, creating an all-inclusive campaign with unusually high brand-to-customer (and vice […]

Brand SpotlightEvents

ZEFR recently attended the screening of two works by filmmakers Jon Goldman and Satsuki Okawa, 2014’s selections for the Lexus Short Films second annual “Life is Amazing” series. In collaboration with the Weinstein Company, Lexus Short Films seeks to discover and foster promising young filmmakers by financing the production of new, original short films without any mandate […]