Cultural Trends

Using the BBC shows Doctor Who and Sherlock as examples, we illustrate what happens to television, both the narrative universe and the footage itself, when fans get involved on YouTube. Fans on YouTube are all-in, authentic, true believers, fully engaged with the beloved objects of their fandom, producing content in time-consuming and remarkably skillful ways. Fans of […]

British Invasion British YouTubers

It’s difficult for some people to believe (especially Americans) that 80 percent of the views on YouTube come from outside  the United States. Because YouTube is an international platform, and British YouTubers are seemingly everywhere, it is possible, and downright easy, for Americans to become Anglophiles. American viewers are watching international content and international viewers […]

Paid Media Options
Thought Leadership

Every social network has its pros and cons to working with them.  Facebook can give you audiences at scale. LinkedIn can target specific occupations. Twitter,  Instagram, Vine, they all achieve targeting goals for marketers and advertisers. Why then, leave YouTube out? YouTube is an ecosystem with not just demographics, but with rich behavioral pattern details ripe […]

YouTuber Maxwell Glick Surrounded By Fangirls at VidCon 2014

YouTube Celebrity Maxwell Glick, actor on Emmy Award winning YouTube based transmedia series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, swarmed by a flock of fangirls.  Photo credit to @TheValerieP This year’s VidCon spanned from June 26-28th at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. YouTube chauffeured some major brands around the convention, encouraging them to participate in the […]

YouTube Target Audiences
Thought Leadership

YouTube is where culture is being born. It is the future of social media because it is home to more compelling content, and it’s where active fan communities engage with this content unlike anywhere else.  It is more efficient at helping brands target audiences because of its targeting capabilities around those fan communities. Ultimately, YouTube is the […]