The Top 100 Influencers ranked by ZEFR Why hasn’t someone done this before?  The influencer space is exploding.  We all know that there is amazing talent – but it’s hard to make sense of it all. With our IMS technology we track over 78,000 accounts across platforms and trained the system to help identify a broad array […]

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“Ghost Towns,” a short film created by Luke and Marika Neumann using 8K technology, was in the news recently for its alleged capacity to “break your computer.” (The resolution is so high, none of the screens on the current market support it.) Soon after, YouTube clarified that the platform had been capable of  supporting content filmed in […]


The digital and social agency (and more) BTC Revolutions first caught the attention of ZEFR after we began looking into the overwhelmingly effective social media strategy for the casual-dining franchise Applebee’s. We became intrigued by how the restaurant had managed to erase social media borders, creating an all-inclusive campaign with unusually high brand-to-customer (and vice […]