A statement from Zefr on its Zefr Entertainment offering: Zefr, the video advertising and digital rights management platform, is delivering premium, inherently brand safe solutions for advertisers on YouTube. Its Zefr Entertainment product, a Top 10 ComScore rated YouTube property, offers a collection of the highest quality studio-produced content for brands that want to run […]

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Super Bowl LI will see the Patriots take on the Falcons this Sunday, and more than 100 million people are expected to tune in live – for both the football, and for the advertisements. Commercials have become a cultural force during the Super Bowl, often overshadowing the game itself. From Apple’s iconic 1984 ad to […]

Cultural Trends

From the mural-sized drawings of skateboarders on its walls to its darkened War Room, equipped with video games, musical instruments, a green screen and a video editing station, ZEFR’s warehouse offices in Venice, Ca., are designed to inspire and enable creativity in its employees. And they respond in their work, as well as with extracurricular efforts including graffiti […]