10 Tweeters to Follow on the Business of YouTube

Happy #FF! In no particular order, here are ten tweeters worth following to stay up to date – and get down to business – on YouTube.


1) @YouTube

This might seem obvious, but stick with us. The mother ship’s feed features cool videos worth checking out, which is reason enough to follow along.

But, for brands, @YouTube is a milestone marker – get your brand mentioned here, and it’s a sign that you’ve finally arrived on YouTube’s ecosystem radar.

Note: getting your product blended up in a Blendtec always helps…

2) Mark @MSuster Suster

An entrepreneur that sold two startups before turning to “the Dark Side of VC,” as he puts it. A partner at Upfront Ventures, the largest venture capital firm in Southern California, Mark is invested in YouTube network Maker Studios, and is an active tweeter with plenty to say on a range of topics.


3) @YouTubeTrends

Pretty straightforward here. Find out what’s trending, straight from the source, so you can try and stay ahead of them. As of late, the insurance industry may want to keep an eye on this one:

4) Kevin @shockallocca Allocca

Speaking of trends, Kevin is Head of Culture & Trends at YouTube. He once gave an amazing TED Talk on why videos go viral. Need we say more?

5) @Tubefilter

Self described as “online video’s daily must-read,” taking a look at their Twitter feed would be a good substitute for those “I just can’t read anymore than 140 characters today or else my eyeballs are gonna fall out” days.

6) Adam @ALilling Lilling

Last year, Adam was listed by Forbes as one of 12 entreprenuers who are changing LA forever. He’s an investor at YouTube MCN Big Frame and a long time friend of ZEFR’s. Most recently, Adam is acting founder and managing partner at Plus Capital, which had some exciting news to share this week…


7) @ReelSEO

Calling itself the “Online Video Marketer’s Guide,” ReelSEO is simply a must follow. Their team of “videologists” and columnists not only keep you up to date and offer insight into the trending news and commentaries around the web, but they also feature plenty of “how tos” and other guides that will help you make the most out of your online video strategy.

8) @MarkTerbeek

Though Mark is still young in the Twitter game with just over 100 tweets to his name, he is very well regarded in the online video space and should not be overlooked. Mark made big waves during his time at MK Capital, where he bet on Machinima, Dramafever, AwesomenessTV, and the nice folks here at ZEFR :).  Expect more big things from Mark in the future after his recent move to Greycroft Partners.

9) @Jason Calacanis

Internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind. Earlier this year, Jason wrote a blog piece titled “I ain’t gonna work on YouTube’s farm no more,” followed up by “A YouTube Creators’ Bill of Rights (Or ‘A Roadmap for Building a Better YouTube’).” Thus, agree or disagree with him, when it comes to thought leadership and talking about the future of YouTube, @Jason is definitely worth a follow.

10) @MashableVideo

Mashable’s reputation as a leading source for all things Internet easily carries over to their online video based feed, where they just posted one of our favorite articles of the week

Of course, no YouTube tweeter list would be complete without mentioning @ZEFRinc‘s very own co-founder duo, @ZachJames and @RichRaddon. Who else are we missing? Let us know in the comments below!


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