101 Videos About Duct Tape

Yep. That’s right. We found a ton of videos about duct tape. Almost 20,000 of them. And, they are way more interesting and diverse than you might think. Guess how many of them are about taping down air ducts? Answer: we’re still trying to watch them all to find one. But, the point remains – YouTube has it all.

People can say what they want about duct tape. It is like the force, with a light side and a dark side, holding the universe together. On YouTube, Duct tape is one of those products that has had its culture shaped by its fans, rather than the other way around.

Duck Brand Duct Tape Understands What it Means to be “Niche”

By the way, for those of you who always wondered whether it’s pronounced “duct” tape or “duck” tape, have no fear, because “Duck Tape” is a brand of “duct tape.” Now you know.

Moreover, “duct tape,” according to YouTube, is primarily meant for crafting. “Duck Tape” is the brand embracing this culture of crafting with their YouTube channel, making it into the top 10 channels devoted to duct tape. Their bread and butter videos: how to make crafts using tape. Posting one new video a week, they have been onto this whole YouTube thing for a while now, with their oldest video dating back to August 31, 2009.

Official Duck Brand Duct Tape videos make up just over 9 million of the 134 million + views on videos featuring duct tape. They are the 2nd most subscribed to channel dedicated entirely to duct tape, with 50,000+ subscribers. Number one? Ducttapestuff, with almost 80,000 subscribers!

For the last 14 years, Duck Brand has gone so far as to host a scholarship contest called Stuck at Prom, where high schoolers are tasked with making a complete prom look out of duct tape for a chance to win money for college.

Many of Duck Brand’s highest viewed videos are crafts that might help to complete these prom looks. And, in case you missed it, the woman in the above video announcing the 2014 contest is Michelle Lesniak, winner of season 11 of Project Runway, a great example of pop culture brand integration.

Duct Tape in Clips From Traditional Media

Duct tape intersects in areas of owned media, earned media, and even rights management when it comes to the scope of content on YouTube.

From Duck Brand’s Stuck At Prom scholarship program came an integration with the television show Project Runway, as mentioned above. In season 11, contestants were tasked with making a prom dress out of duct tape. Note that these particular clips, although present on YouTube, barely register in the realm of the sticky substance with just 7,000 views at the moment.

What does hit big though, on both official and unofficial channels, are clips and re-uploads of arguably the most famous users of duct tape, the Mythbusters. Discovery has an official channel with clips and bits from the duct tape centric episodes and challenges that Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have excelled at.

All clips from Mythbusters episodes featuring duct tape total 1,601,499 views as of this writing.

Wallets and Roses and Crafts Galore

The far an away winner of duct tape on YouTube are crafts of every style. These include how-to videos on making bags, wallets, and roses out of duct tape.

There are 5,206 videos just about duct tape wallets, totaling 33,276,937 views. Videos about duct tape roses and flowers total 1,070 videos with a combined, 8,794,464 views.

These two crafts alone make for more than 25% of all views pertaining to duct tape.

Pranking and Challenges, Oh My!

Another genre of videos that dominate in views are duct tape pranks and challenges, such as taping someone to a chair and seeing how long they take to escape, or taping their faces and ripping the tape off. The two most viewed duct tape videos ever are pranks, one by PrankvsPrank and one by BFvsGF – both channels run by the same couple.

Some data behind all the stickiness

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