6 Black Friday Videos That Don’t Involve Riots

When it comes to video content and Black Friday, it’s easy to imagine scenes of angry mobs rushing into storefronts and starting riots over flat screen televisions. Thankfully, YouTube has plenty more to offer beyond the usual headline grabbing chaos.

Tons of YouTube users happily film themselves discussing all the great deals they picked up on Black Friday, unboxing goodies for the world to see and giving first impressions of their newest gifts for the holiday season. For brands, it’s a chance to get creative by releasing teaser content leading up to the big sale. And, let’s not forget about all the added hype for Cyber Monday.

Since Black Friday of this year, ZEFR tech has found nearly 6,000 Black Friday related videos uploaded to YouTube in just the past four days alone, and they’ve already racked up close to 40 million views.

So, before you lose your faith in humanity due to this view leading video, check out these 6 examples, all from 2013, of a somewhat brighter side to the Black Friday tradition.

1) The always popular Beauty Guru “Haul”:

2) A local Black Friday newscast, Ron Burgundy style:

3) Vlogging and surviving Black Friday as a happy family is possible after all:

4) Dear gamers, good luck keeping your wallet closed:

5) Macy’s One Direction fragrance, the behind the scenes access you’ve always dreamed of:

(FYI, the original video has been removed from Macy’s official channel. Thanks to the fans, you can watch this re-upload.)

6) Bothering Target employees with fake product requests:

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