6 Types of Videos Unique to Beauty on YouTube

Beauty on YouTube is a robust industry. It is one of the few in which brands consistently align with influencers through advertising deals, brand integration deals, and by the nature of the content itself. Because the product and purchase cycles in beauty are relatively short and products are price accessible, it means that young people have a tremendous amount of access to success in this space.

The beauty ecosystem on YouTube has its own events (BeautyCon, Gen Beauty), its own icons (Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota, and Zoella) and its own visual style, and video genres. Below are six kinds of videos that have sprung out of the Beauty space.

Get Ready With Me

These videos are like mini films, with the visual portion being shot as if the YouTuber is going through her routine. Frequently there is music and voice over narration to accompany the visuals.

“Get Ready With Me”

  • Videos on YouTube: 40,363
  • Views on YouTube: 404,631,604

What’s in My Purse

This kind of video is a purse tour. YouTubers will describe their bags, and then take the contents out, one by one, describing each item.

“What’s in My Purse”

  • Videos on YouTube: 35,210
  • Views on YouTube: 200,782,774


These videos are like top lists of a variety of products over a period of time. This bleeds a bit into the BookTube/vlogger community, but even then they still include fashion and beauty. Many beauty vloggers will do monthly favorites videos and a yearly wrap up. Some do seasonal favorites videos to spread out the repetition of video genres or to aggregate enough products to fill a video.


  • Videos on YouTube: 51,298
  • Video Views on YouTube: 394,658,852

No Mirror Makeup Challenge

This is a very specific kind of video with its own rules. As a challenge it is asking a YouTuber to document something hard by design. This challenge gives a YouTuber a period of time to accomplish as much of a look as they can without the aid of mirrors. It is accomplished to varying degrees of success.

“No Mirror Makeup Challenge'”

  • Videos on YouTube: 2,258
  • Views on YouTube: 35,129,754

Birchbox Unboxing

Birchbox is one of two major sample subscription boxes in the beauty space. Vloggers will do unboxings of these each month. Some compare Birchbox to the Michelle Phan run ipsy.

“Birchbox Unboxing”

  • Videos on YouTube: 2,067
  • Views on YouTube: 6,309,610

Sephora Haul

While hauls are common across verticals, the Sephora Haul is a rite of passage for international beauty gurus travelling to places with a Sephora. Sephora is also one of the dominant shops to haul from because it is all beauty products across a variety of luxury brands.

“Sephora Haul”

  • Videos on YouTube: 18,443
  • Views on YouTube: 84,082,857


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