6 Ways to Give Some Love On YouTube This Valentine’s Day

photo above by lunchtimemama

The future of social is video. Social, by its very nature, involves a conversation. It is a back and forth exchange, rather than broadcasting from one to many. It’s about love, really, and YouTube brings social together with the power of video, creating unique ways to share the love.

So, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, why not take one of the actions below to send some love to your biggest fans and influencers?

Traditionally, people and brands have been concerned with who is engaging with them on social networks and in what ways. By exploring the different ways of engaging on YouTube, a spectrum of involvement emerges, from a simple like to uploading a video of your own, showing that YouTube is about much more than just watching a screen. Plus, the more love you give, the more you can expect in return.


1. Like A Video

This is the easiest of actions. Just click the thumbs up button on a video. This action shows up on the feeds of your subscribers, which means that spreading some love by liking a video encourages others to do the same.

Likes are a great metric on YouTube because they are democratic. Any user or channel can only like a video once, so the number of likes truly represents the number of accounts taking that action, 1-to-1.

Not sure if “likes” make a difference? For this young YouTuber, Sir Fedora, it made all the difference in the world, as his goal of getting just one turned into a viral sensation:

2. Favorite A Video

Favoriting a video automatically moves it to a playlist of favorites. This action also shows up on the feeds of your subscribers, so they will know you shared the love, and possibly join in on the fun.

Valentine's Day - Favorite

3. Share A Video

Sharing a video is so powerful because it is introducing content to an audience that might not normally see it, in addition to showing your support of that video. In sharing a video with your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or even Reddit, what you’ve shown is a sign of solidarity – that you believe in what the video says and support the artist. Sometimes, all it takes to help a YouTube channel is to give them a push that they might not be able to get on their own.

social engagement on youtube

This kind of love shows that you not only support a video, but are encouraging the production of similar videos. Showcasing real fans of your brand giving you some love in their native way helps a brand come across as in tune with what people are saying about them.

4. Make a Playlist Dedicated To Fan Content

Curating fan content in a visible playlist on your own channel is a great way to discover your fans and share them with your followers. Having a clearly labeled playlist of videos about your brand projects love and understanding beyond a single video being favorited, and you’ve made the gesture of making something completely new, rather than clicking a button designed to make love easy.

5. Leave a Comment

Commenting can make a YouTuber’s day. It’s one of the ultimate Valentines a brand can give to a fan. Be genuine and specific. Mention the unique qualities of the YouTuber. Speak their language. It will make them an even bigger fan of yours. Here’s a comment showing some love to the kid in the video above (note: bonus points if you thumbs up a good comment):

Valentine's Day - Comments

6. Make A Video

Nothing expresses love better once you reach this threshold of engagement. Taking the time to create and upload a video deserves high praise. Mentioning the YouTuber you are responding to in the title of the video makes it easy for others to find and follow along.

Beyonce made one of these kinds of videos for well known YouTuber Todrick Hall, thanking him for his own Beyonce video. It is short, sweet, and beyond epic:

So, go share some love this Valentine’s Day. Being a fan of your fans will make them even bigger fans of yours, letting the cycle of love grow your following more and more.


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