Advertising Week Highlights: ZEFR Knows Culture

At the 11th annual Advertising Week in New York City, ZEFR’s own Dave Rosner convened with Bonin Bough (VP Global Media & Consumer Engagement, Mondelez International), Doug Ray (Global President, Carat), and multi Grammy-nominated DJ, artist, and producer Kaskade for ZEFR’s panel discussion: “Video Today: Where Culture for Brands is Born.”

Highlights from the Panelists

Here are a few of our favorite moments from the panel.

On audience targeting:

“If you go back, and you look historically, if I came in in the 50s and asked you to advertise on TV, you’d be like, ‘Get out of my office because radio is really amazing.’ This whole thing right now is all going to work. We know that it’s going to work. The question is who is going to lean in and really and understand how to win on data, audience targeting, and real time. That’s what’s in front of us right now.”

– Bonin Bough | VP Global Media & Consumer Engagement, Mondelez International


On influencers:

“As a marketer, the role of creating content and responding to culture, and then curating the content that’s relevant to the brand around culture is important. I think one of the things with digital video in particular that we’re starting to see and what ZEFR does is helps us to understand who are the influencers. I think that influencers are going to be playing a more important role as we go forward because those are the people that actually consumers are connected with, and if we can connect our brands to those key influencers, then we can be part of the conversations and stories that those influencers are telling and their influencing millions and millions of followers, and that’s all earned media that we’re not paying for.”

– Doug Ray | Global President, Carat



On living in real time:

“I feel like I can speak to the fans directly. I didn’t have to wait for radio to break my song, I put it up on YouTube. It’s about living in real time. Things are happening so fast, the message is always changing. Without any constraints, it’s about moving really fast.”

– Kaskade | Multi Grammy-nominated DJ, Artist, and Producer


On culture:

“We’re in an industry where brands and cultures collide. If you’re not participating, you don’t know what’s happening in culture. You’re just missing it.”

– Dave Rosner | SVP of Marketing, ZEFR




The ZEFR Nation kinda crushed AdWeek. Thanks for all those who spent it with us!! #ZEFR #AdWeek2014 @advertisingweek

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