Back to School on YouTube: High School

In part one of a two-part series dedicated to Back to School trends on YouTube, ZEFR Insights first investigates the videos high schoolers are watching as their summer comes to an end.

We’ve talked before about how massive the beauty community is on YouTube. With Back-to-School content, beauty vloggers are making a huge impact on the market for anxious teens wanting to get the first day at high school as close to perfect as possible. Many of these YouTubers have been posting Back-to-School themed videos as far back as March. These clips usually include advice about what to wear on the first day of school and hair and makeup tips, as well as supply hauls and what to expect.

First Impressions

Planning a look for the first day of school is an important and often stressful task for some youngsters. For good or bad, the reality is that what you wear makes a statement about who you are and how you want the world to perceive you, especially on the first day of school. Wearing the right outfit on that first day back from summer vacation can set the tone for the entire year. Thankfully, there is plenty of content available on YouTube to help students choose their outfits according to what first impression they hope to make.

The last thing someone wants to worry about on the first day of school is the possibility of a bad-hair day. YouTubers offer up advice on easy-to-do hairstyles, as well as “heatless” hairdos that can be done in a pinch if short on time.

Adding a touch of makeup can help give a person that last tiny boost of confidence they need to face all the turmoil of a new school year. Getting the look right can be stress-inducing and avoiding stress on the big debut day is what these videos aim to achieve. There are plenty of Beauty Gurus ready to give advice on the best products to use for a simple or full-face look, and how to properly apply the makeup.


Prep School

Before heading back to school, preparations must be made, and supplies must be hauled. Hauls are one of the most popular videos in the Beauty community. These videos usually contain the results of a recent clothing or beauty product shopping trip. However, during the summer months, many Beauty gurus spotlight their Back-to-School supplies, showing off everything they need to prepare for that first day back.

Once they have their supplies, they have to have someplace to put them. That’s where “What’s in My Backpack?” videos come into play. In a spin off of the “What’s in My Purse?” videos, YouTubers film themselves discussing what they carry in their backpacks, highlighting what they consider their school essentials.

In addition to everything else that goes into prepping for a flawless debut back to school, many YouTubers agree that an organized locker is a must. There’s even a trend around creating DIY decorations and organizational tips so that they can help viewers ensure their lockers are not only clean and functional, but stylish too.

Acing the Test

Surviving high school can be a daunting task. YouTube comes to the rescue yet again with the “Expectation vs. Reality” video trend. These videos show students the truth about what the reality of going back to school is like compared to their imagination, ensuring that expectations don’t result in disappointment.

Once everyone is officially back to school, and those start of school jitters are gone, it’s time to worry about all that school work. Thankfully, YouTubers are there to make sure their viewers stay on top of things. There are plenty of videos on study tips and hacks to help students get through the shock of suddenly having homework and tests again.

Extra Credit

Worrying about all the things that come with a new school year is tough enough. YouTube can provide a sense of relief for those who want to look their best, as well as do their best. If you’re a student searching for tips about how to put your best foot forward and start the school year off right, the community that exists on YouTube can be a virtual oasis of last-minute comfort, easing ever so slightly the pressures that abound on that first day back to school. Brands that are savvy enough to find and align with the kind of content that provides this valuable advice to students will not only find themselves in front of the right audience, but more importantly, become part of the conversation that is serving to make back-to-school a little bit better for everyone seeking that last bit of advice before heading off to class.


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