Beyond the Runway: Fashion Week Thrives on YouTube

NYFW –  the event where the fashion world converges in NYC, with designers and celebrities gathering to unveil the hottest trends for the upcoming season – has been in full swing over the last few days.

While top fashion magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar once were the leading forces behind predicting and discussing these trends, digital platforms have changed how Fashion Week is covered and shared. As fashion bloggers such as WhoWhatWear and Song of Style have grown in popularity, so has the desire for easily accessible real-time fashion information. The new generation of fashion-forward audiences are consuming Fashion Week content on the world’s biggest video platform – YouTube.

With access to more data than any other video company, ZEFR leveraged its video technology to identify every video uploaded around Fashion Week(s) around the world from 2015 – 2016. ZEFR analyzed the trends driving fashion on YouTube, revealing how niche fashion trends are seeing huge engagements.




The data represents an active and fashion-forward community on YouTube, with nearly 500 Million views across 10 thousand videos in the last year, signaling a shift in how the fashion world discovers new trends. To put that into context, there are more daily views of Fashion Week content on YouTube (1.3 million) than the Total Average Circulation of Vogue (1.2 Million).

Here are some of the Fashion Week trends on YouTube that fashion brands should know:

70’s Style (55M Views)

70’s inspired clothing includes bright colors, bold patterns, and often features brown and orange hues as well as fur. This trend has come to life already during Tom Ford’s September 7th NYFW show which featured plenty of ‘70’s and Western-inspired looks.



Looks from Tom Ford's NYFW 2016 show. Image from: @itsallstyletome
Looks from Tom Ford’s NYFW September 2016 show. Image from: @itsallstyletome


Sequins  (20M Views)

Sequins shined and sparkled, taking everyday items to the next level during Spring fashion weeks around the world last winter. As the trend took off, people flocked to YouTube to learn how to style this trend in their everyday wardrobe.



Geometric/Modern Style  (10M Views)

Styles featuring prominent shapes, angles, prints have been prevalent in recent Fashion Week styles. NYFW’s Spring Summer 2016 shows saw tons of styles with asymmetric dresses and geometric prints. Again, this style was brought to life on YouTube from runway videos to DIY style’s inspired by Fashion Week looks.



YouTube user TheMetallicWing shows how she made a geometric style inspired garment for a Fashion Week Event
YouTube user TheMetallicWing shows how she made a geometric style inspired garment for a Fashion Week Event


Key Takeaways

  • Fashion Week happens year-round on YouTube – regardless of the season fashion trends are constantly evolving on the platform.
  • Consumers are running with Fashion Week content around your brand on YouTube. Leverage these trends to inform your brand’s Fashion Week strategy, as the audience is already tuned in.
  • The Crystal Ball Factor – YouTube is a go to resource for consumers looking to make their own predictions about what’s to come in fashion.