ZEFR’s Introductory Guide to Brand Integration on YouTube [eBook]

We’re excited to launch a free eBook today to help brands master the video marketing strategy known as “brand integration.” You can download it for free right here.

For some context, the Digital Content Newfronts got underway this week, and the primary organizer, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), released a “Video Ad Spend Study” with some great findings for digital media companies pushing out video content. As Tubefilter reported:

“65% of respondents plan to spend more on online video advertising this year than they did last year. Two-thirds of that group will supplement this increased online video budget by drawing funds from TV budgets, while 48% plan on an overall increase in advertising budgets.”

So, when you think of increasing advertising budgets for digital video, devoting more funds to “brand integrations” might not be on your list. But it should be.

What is Brand Integration? Why should I care?

Well, you can get the free eBook right here to find out.

Meanwhile, I can tell you that Meredith Levine, author of ZEFR’s Anatomy of a Fan, wrote this guide to help brands understand that YouTubers are ready and willing to work with them – it’s simply a matter of finding the right ones and creating a collaborative relationship from the outset.  These relationships give brands the ability to reach new, younger audiences in a way that boosts awareness, sentiment and engagement with a brand unlike anywhere else on the web.

Here’s an infographic to give a preview of what you’ll learn from the full guide:

Brand integration on youtube


Get the Free eBook right here.