Brands on YouTube: Disney Parks

“The Happiest Place On Earth” certainly lives up to its title when it comes to making content for YouTube. Disney Parks offers heartwarming videos, artistic videos, themed videos, and everything else under the sun that is sure to bring a smile to your face.


Paid Media Example: Grumpy Cat Finds Her Disney Side

Disney Parks has been upping their participatory game by asking people to “Show their Disney side.” In the process, some videos have emerged that could only be a product of the internet. Many famous YouTubers have filmed themselves in the park, doing various vlogging activities with a Disney twist. And, nothing is more emblematic of our current online culture than Grumpy Cat. Eat your heart out Internet.


Earned Media Example: Splash Mountain, Front-Seat POV

Now, videos of this sort probably pre-date YouTube, but it’s their presence on the platform, and hence their instant accessibility, that make them extra special. The ability to live vicariously through first person POV videos from anywhere in the world, all with the simple click of a play button, is the type of social connection that exists all over YouTube. And, in the case of this front-seat POV ride from a roller coaster fan,  this unique perspective increases the desire to actually experience Splash Mountain in person, either for the first time or to relive your childhood dreams.

With over 4 million views to date on this fan video from The Coaster Views (a channel with over 100,000 subscribers devoted to views from rides), everyone wins from a video like this.


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