Brands on YouTube: Tide

In today’s Brands on YouTube, we look at one of my favorite examples of brand/talent integration, as well as a news story that created a lot of discussion, and hence earned media, around a weird form of criminal activity.

Paid Media Example : WhatsUpElle’s Tide Integration

Tide sponsored a video from beloved YouTube star WhatsUpElle. This video was in the style of her comedy videos, using her signature cloning technique, and it showed the brand’s understanding of working with YouTubers in a collaborative rather than a prescriptive way. WhatsUpElle has over 150,000 subscribers and this video has been viewed over 430,000 times.

Earned Media Example:  SourceFed on Tide Theft

The apparent rise in the of theft of Tide detergent during the spring of 2012 got a lot of press coverage. The thefts also sparked a discussion on YouTube, with many wondering how a black market for Tide would work exactly. SourceFed, a reputable, comedically styled news channel, with over 1 million subscribers, picked up the story, reminding people of the brand’s notoriety and widespread use. Moreover, it’s also a reminder that brands are getting attention on YouTube in ways they could never imagine.


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