Brands on YouTube: Beyoncé

Everyone knows that it’s hard to top Queen Bey, especially after her recent stealth album launch. And, she has been killing it on YouTube since basically forever. Let’s not even get started with “Single Ladies” and all of the videos in response to that iconic black leotard. Rather, let’s look at the simple beauty of a back and forth exchange between paid and earned media for one of the most iconic names in music.

Paid Media: Beyoncé – End Of Time (Live at Roseland)

This is a live version of “End of Time” from Beyoncé’s VEVO channel. With over 17 million views, the epicness speaks for itself.

Earned Media: Beyoncé End Of Time Target Flash Mob

YouTube legend Todrick Hall did a flashmob in Target to Beyoncé’s “End of Time”:

Paid Media: Todrick Hall, Thanks!

Beyoncé saw the Target flashmob and gave Todrick a shout out on her channel less than a week later:

This of course gave some nice earned media to Todrick’s video, which is itself earned media for Beyoncé’s “End of Time.” Thus, the exchange benefits everyone.

Earned Media: Cinderonce by Todrick Hall

Todrick keeps the love going, performing what has become signature to him – a highly produced pop-culture adaptation of a story. In this case, Cinderella as sung by Beyoncé:

This results in even more earned media to Queen Bey, not that she needs it. But, it serves as a reminder of the continuous forms of engagement happening throughout YouTube on a regular basis. And, Beyoncé’s decision to give a public shout out to a fan only maximizes the level of engagement around her content, something many brands could learn from.

The Brands on YouTube series provides a quick snapshot of a brand’s presence on YouTube by highlighting both paid media (official videos) and earned media (fan videos) for that brand, along with key insights, important trends, and data.



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