Brands on YouTube: Nike, Fitbit, and Jawbone Compete for Wrists

The “versus” or “vs” video is one of the 12 categories of UGC we identified as paramount for brands to understand in our “Beyond Reviews” eBook, which explores why and how YouTube has influenced the purchasing decisions of more than half of consumers. And, as a comparison between competing products, such as wearable fitness trackers, “vs” videos are especially influential.

As wearable tech continues to expand as a trend for gathering data about one’s movements, sleep, calories, etc., it can be challenging for potential consumers to really understand which device is best for them and their wrist. “Vs” videos are here to help.

The three biggest stakeholders in the activity tracker market are the Nike Fuelband, Jawbone UP, and FitBit models. On YouTube, thousands of users are comparing these products to one another, sometimes pitting all three against each other in a single video. We’ve curated some examples below.

“Vs” Videos: Judge for Yourself

First, an example from a more mainstream outlet/channel. CNET’s series called “Prizefight” pits devices up against each other in an amusing way. Here, the Fitbit Flex goes up agains the Jawbone Up:

Looking at the comments under the video, you’ll see viewers weighing in with their own thoughts:

Brands on YouTube - Fitness Tracker Comments 1

Brands on YouTube - Fitness Tracker Comments 2

Not all versus videos have that much of a flair for the dramatic, by the way. Some cover the features, interface, aesthetics and price in a simple, easy to follow format. Here’s a more recent video from WSJ that compares all three options:

Then, there’s the fitness channel getfitover40, which goes way more in depth on the functionality of the Jawbone and Fitbit bands with a 20+ minute video:

When prodded to do a video about the Nike Fuelband in the comments, this YouTuber responded as to why he had no interest:

Brands on YouTube: Fitness Tracker getfitover40 comments

Finally, lest we forget that YouTube is an international platform, check out this well produced Russian example:

Still working on a good translation, but for now it seems like Nike came out on top in this one… I think.

The Numbers: Who is Winning?

We ran some searches to measure the overall reach of the three competitors. When looking at these results, however, keep in mind this crucial point when it comes to “vs” videos on YouTube: just because you earned more views or videos doesn’t mean the video creators liked your product. As the videos and comments above illustrate, [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@ZEFRinc” suffix=”null”]it takes a close ear to follow the conversation and determine the real winner in the world of social listening for video.[/inlinetweet]

brands on youtube nike jawbone fitbit

brands on youtube nike jawbone fitbit

What do you think? Who has the best product? Which videos helped you decide? Let us know in the comments below.


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