Nov 13 – 20: Kmart Sparks Debate, & PRADA Teams Up With Acclaimed Director

1. Kmart and Joe Boxer Ring in the Holidays

Yes, it’s still November. Yes, Thanksgiving is still a week away. But, with close to 8 million views on this Kmart ad in just 5 days, the Christmas spirit has arrived on YouTube, whether you like it or not. And, speaking of opinions, the comment section on this video has sparked an interesting debate about whether the ad is hilarious and/or offensive. Hat tip to Mashable for the coverage.

2. New YouTube Comments Better for Brands

As discussed in last week’s post, YouTube rolled out a new commenting system, which has been met with a flurry of opinions on its overall success, or lack thereof. Yet, for brands looking to engage more on the platform, Adweek argues that the change is a welcomed one. The piece by Garret Sloane explains why brands should now feel more comfortable engaging with commenters, which he rightly describes as crucial for any campaign:

“Not every brand thinks of YouTube as a social network…They think of it as a place to dump videos and hope engagement occurs. They need to be actively participating and commenting to get the full benefit.”


3.  PRADA Teams Up With Wes Anderson

Getting Wes Anderson to write and direct a short film for your YouTube channel is never a bad option, as PRADA demonstrated this week. Starring Jason Schwartzman as an American racecar driver in Italy, The Video Ink perfectly sums up why the film is a winner:

“It’s a really incredible short film that sets a great example for the kind of content that seems to belong on YouTube. Without a global video platform like YouTube, it would be hard to imagine a place where a film like ‘Castello Cavalcanti’ could flourish.”

4.  Americans Watched 49.1 Billion Online Videos in October

ComScore released its latest Online Video Rankings this week, and the results are simply further proof that more and more people are turning to the web for their video content. Tubefilter breaks down the numbers for YouTube:

“YouTube, as usual, continues to dominate the field. It picked up 400 million more views in October than in September, rising to more than 16.5 billion total hits. Average viewing time also rose by more than 80 minutes per user.”


5.  Millennials Watching Their Smartphones & Tablets, Less TV

New research from YuMe reveals some important trends among millennials and their video viewing habits. ReelSEO gives an excellent run down of the report, which also argues that smartphone video ads are 100% more effective with millennials than TV. Plus, a reminder of what kind of content, and where, millennials are watching:

“It is also interesting to note that the Millennials also said they watch a lot of TV shows, and user-generated content. That might help explain the fact that Netflix and YouTube account for 50% of all peak period Internet traffic in North America.”

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