Oct 2 – 9: Hot Pockets Makes a Music Video, & GoPro Saves a Kitten

Brands on YouTube Weekly Roundup Each week, we compile some of the best stories of fans and brands connecting on YouTube. Did we miss something on your radar? Let us know in the comments below!

1. HotPockets Music Video takes off

Hot Pockets recruited Snoop Dogg and Kate Upton to release a totally ridiculous music video called “You Got What I Eat.” With nearly 300,000 views in just a few days, this video is heating up fast!! So, you better keep an eye on it as it cooks…. ok fine, I’ll stop. TIME fills us in on some lyrics and additional cameos:

“‘I love your buttery crust, but I love the meat just as much’ and ‘It’s my premium meats that make your lips sing a song’ all set to Markie’s catchy beat. ‘You Got What I Eat’ also features cameos by Bow Wow, YouTube star Kevin ‘KevJumba’ Wu and even talk show host Larry King…”

2. The YouTube Music Awards Bring Huge Implications

Last week, Jason Schwartzman helped announce the first ever YouTube Music Awards, which will air live online this November – likely scoring millions of views during, and after, the event. This week, Fast Company uncovers some major implications underlying the awards, particularly for broadcast TV:

“However minor an Internet broadcast music awards show may seem right now, it has the potential to contribute to TV’s eventual shift to a more digital-first foundation. This event might put pressure on other, more traditional awards shows to up their game, or at least co-broadcast on the web. Plus, it’s time MTV’s VMAs were replaced by a company or platform that actually promotes music.”

3.  GoPro nails it with fireman saving kitten

GoPro continues to show brands how it’s done when it comes to engaging with the YouTube audience. What happens when you take the internet’s favorite pet and add in a heroic rescue operation? You get over 15 million views in less than 10 days. As Adweek explains:

“A few million views in a week for a brand video on YouTube is solid; 11 million plus is pretty stunning. But that’s just what GoPro pulled off with its try-not-to-cry spot featuring a fireman saving a cat (it always comes back to cats on the Web).”

4.  Tesla responds to flaming car viral video

tesla on fire

Ad Age provides some perspective, calling the internet freak out “dumb”:

“It’s also worth noting, as YouTube user maegaggles writes in the comment section below the clip on the site, ‘ALL CARS ARE FLAMMABLE. Just in case anyone wasn’t aware.'”

Out of curiosity, we ran a search to determine the total number of related videos this viral event has spawned so far across all of YouTube. Since October 1, there’s been over 350 video uploads, including fan commentaries, news stories, and straight reuploads of the original video.

5.  Three Myths about Brands and YouTube

Adam Levy, President of LDRK MEDIA, who produced the above video, provides a great breakdown via ReelSEO of three major misconceptions business owners tend to have when it comes to online video:

“When you talk about online video, often times you’re fighting against that image of YouTube as a collection of videos made by teenagers in their bedrooms. And while YouTube definitely has plenty of that, there’s obviously a lot of serious content out there as well. Google and Forbes Insights did a study a while back that found that 75% of executives at the nation’s largest companies watch business-related videos every week. And 65% had visited a vendor because of a video.”

6.  POPSUGAR Joins Up With Ford Motors Charity Program

Ford Warriors in Pink, a charity to fight breast cancer, is teaming up with PopSugar, a celebrity and lifestyle network. Together, they will launch a new branded video series in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Some insight from PopSugar’s press release, via Market Wired

“The series takes an intimate look inside the lives of these women to get an idea of what challenges and inspires them. It illuminates key aspects of their passions, successes, and personalities — including those directly affected by breast cancer.”

7.  “X Factor” and “Got Talent” Launch Global YouTube Channels

Not satisfied with the “home country” version of your favorite talent shows? Wondering who’s going to be the next big star in Nigeria?  Now fans can access global YouTube channels for both X Factor and Got Talent, which are dedicated to curating content from around the world. As the production companies explained in The Hollywood Reporter:

“The channels will provide, for the first time, a single destination for millions of fans worldwide and a rare opportunity for brands to access a targeted and engaged global audience on one channel.”

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