Oct 23 – 30: Ubisoft’s Impressive Brand Integration, & New Music Service from YouTube

1. YouTube Preparing to Launch On-demand Music Service

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, which means it’s also an essential place for music discovery. And soon, music fans will have another option when it comes to on-demand music services like Spotify or Rdio, but with the added benefit of music videos, thanks to a new service from YouTube. First reported by Billboard, the New York Times provided an excellent quote about what it means for the consumer:

“‘YouTube is the world’s largest music search and discovery engine,’ said Richard Greenfield, a media analyst at BTIG Research. ‘Clearly there are people who would pay above and beyond using YouTube for free. It’s just about making a great consumer experience.'”


2. Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Enlists Top YouTube Creators

The newest installment in the Assasin’s Creed video games series, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, from game developer Ubisoft, has scored tens of millions of views on YouTube thanks to a number of partnerships with YouTube creators. In addition to the parkour video above, the game has been the focus of an epic rap battle, a rock anthem, a narrative short film, a Minecraft animation, a forged blade, and, of course, a pirate ship made out of bacon. Hat tip to Tubefilter for supplying the list, and for talking about the bottom line:

“[B]ut how well will these YouTube views translate to real-life profits? You’d have to think they will have quite an effect. The franchise launched a similar (but smaller-scale) YouTube campaign before the release of Assassin’s Creed 3, and it must have seen enough success to inform publishers and distributors that a huge Black Flag YouTube takeover would be a worthwhile endeavor.”


3.  Google Adds “Communications Manager” Role to YouTube Channels

This week, Google announced a new tool for YouTube channel management that allows you to designate someone as the “communications manager,” making it even easier to engage and connect with your fans. The Next Web has the story:

“The goal is to let brands and businesses manage employees who focus on audience engagement such as posting content, answering questions, and connecting with followers.”

4.  Case Study: Press Release With Video Gets 2x The Views

The evidence for video’s ability to drive higher audience engagement keeps piling up. This week, ReelSEO reports on a case study that revealed a 55.4% increase in views for press releases that contain video content:

“So, the video news release had 55.4% more release views and 36.1% more link clicks – and the release with a photo had 4.6% more release views and 7.1% more link clicks – than the release with no multimedia.”

You can watch the video press release used in the study right here:


5.  Seven Qualities to Look for in YouTube Talent Managers

When it comes to taking advantage of all the newest business opportunities on YouTube, it can be difficult for artists and creators to successfully navigate the needs and desires of brands and advertisers. Thus, many will turn to hiring a manager for help. For brands that come in contact with these managers, New Media Rockstars has seven important qualities to watch out for:

“A good manager needs to understand your audience and be able to pitch your channel to advertisers with a similar target audience. You may think that you can use a sales person for that, but he/she also needs to be able to work with you to craft a good video that satisfies an advertiser’s needs without jeopardizing your creative direction.”


6.  The Release of “ZEFR’s Anatomy of a Fan” eBook

ZEFR Anatomy of a Fan eBook

This week marked the release of our first eBook, “ZEFR’s Anatomy of a Fan.”  Here’s what some of the reviews had to say:


“Brand fans aren’t that dissimilar to the vibrant communities that have built events like Comic-Con into massive media gatherings that pack convention halls. And like those fans, brand fans wield power—and probably should be catered to by advertisers (or at least, not ignored).”

Full review here.


“YouTube brand management company ZEFR has a long history engaging the YouTube audience (particularly through its flagship MovieClips channel), and now it wants to impart its best practices onto the rest of the business world. ZEFR has published an e-book that guides brands through the process of engaging fans on YouTube.”

Full review here.

Video Ink

“‘Anatomy of a Fan’ explains that knowing the language of the web will help brands understand audiences better. The e-book details how ‘ship’ videos, although containing different dream matchups, all employ a common language, style, and tone.”

Full review here.


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