Brands on YouTube: Super Bowl XLVIII, And the Winner Is…

This Sunday marks the kickoff of America’s favorite cultural tradition – watching Super Bowl commercials. In between the commercials, there will also be an important sporting event taking place between two football clubs known as the “Seattle Seahawks” and the “Denver Broncos.”

All kidding aside, whether you’re talking about the action on the field at MetLife Stadium or the big budget commercials on TV, what’s clear is that YouTube has already made a huge impact on Super Bowl XLVIII.

The Ads, Teasers and All

While YouTube has always been a destination to watch the best Super Bowl ads, the biggest trend for brands the past couple of years has been to release teasers, creating buzz and anticipation around the upcoming game day spot. And, in many cases, brands are simply releasing the ad in full and attracting tens of millions of views online well before the first commercial break on Sunday.

Aaron Taube at Business Insider points out why this strategy is paying off for brands:

“With the average 30-second slot at the Super Bowl costing brands a cool $4 million, it would seem counterintuitive that they would spoil the surprise by giving away details about the ads in advance, let alone the commercials in their entirety.

But that logic doesn’t take into account that the Super Bowl is no longer the only game in town. Though the Super Bowl’s audience of 110 million American viewers will almost definitely make it the most watched television program of 2014, brands are beginning to find they can reach large numbers of consumers just as easily online.”

As an example, with almost 23 million views in just 2 days as of this writing, Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” spot reminds us why cute things on the internet tend to perform well:

Check out YouTube’s very own AdBlitz channel for a full collection of ads from this year’s game. Plus, the channel will let fans vote for their favorite ones.


The Teams, But Mostly Richard Sherman

As we revealed last week, Richard Sherman set YouTube ablaze with his post NFC Championship comments. Since then, his view count has only climbed and climbed, so ZEFR ran another search to see what Mr. Sherman’s reach looks like as of today:

Richard Sherman videos uploaded since Jan. 19: 3,504
Total Views: 24,883,105
Total Comments: 59,204

As for the brand image of the teams, ZEFR also ran a search to see whether the Seahawks or Broncos found their way into more YouTube video titles since punching their ticket to the big game two weeks ago. Here are the results:

Videos with Broncos in the title since 1-19-2014: 2,928
Broncos title view count: 3,790,743
Videos with Seahawks in title since 1-19-2014: 3,889
Seahawks title view count: 10,911,764

So, it’s fair to assume that the Seahawks can thank Richard Sherman for their victory in this particular matchup.

But, when it comes to making predictions, is there a better method of expert research than a video game simulation? EA Sports has the answer with their 1.7 million view hit:

Hard to argue with that life like analysis.

The Fans, The Ultimate Winner

Of course, what we’ve shown above only scratches the surface of what YouTube has to offer for anyone interested in the big game, and the result is a major win for the fans. When brands create engaging content for the platform, it not only results in high view counts on their own channels – it also inspires amazing user generated content, and the scope of that content is simply unparalleled.

Trying to figure out what to wear on Sunday to really show off your team spirit? YouTube has you covered:

As you’ll see, the story goes much deeper on YouTube once you uncover the passion of the fans. It’s simply a matter of knowing where to look. And, for a global event like the Super Bowl, the depth of content never seems to end, creating an opportunity unlike any other.


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