Brands on YouTube: TOMS

TOMS’ YouTube channel showcases their new collections, upcoming announcements, and their inspiring philanthropic work. And, as TOMS has shown, if inspiration is your goal, then generating earned media on YouTube is an excellent way to measure success.

Paid Media Example: “TOMS Giving in the U.S.: Helping American Children In Need”

This video is not only a sample of the visual style and tone of most of TOMS’ videos – it is also their highest viewed video by far.  It was aired on YouTube as a pre-roll advertisement, which likely helped to contribute to the 3 million+  view count, and also explains some of the amazing comments from fans:

And of course, like any good video, there are comments with differing points of view and dislikes. Having room in your brand for these critiques contributes towards authenticity and allows true fans to come to your defense.


Earned Media Example: “One Day Without Shoes”

Mitchell Davis, a fan of TOMS’ business model, evangelizes the brand and its event, One Day Without Shoes. In a previous video, he talks about supporting TOMS as his new years resolution. TOMS shoes contacted him to say thanks for the support and encourage him to keep spreading the news about the shoes.

He made the video above to talk about going without shoes for a day in support of TOMS one-for-one policy.  For every shoe sale, TOMS gives a new pair of shoes to a child in need. He even refers to TOMS as an organization, rather than a business or a company, which is interesting because he views the company as dedicated to philanthropy first, rather than sales first.

So, props to TOMS for giving props to him. Way to engage and inspire!


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