4 Must-See Sessions at Cannes Lions 2018

It’s that time of year again. You know, that time every year when the masterminds of marketing, media, advertising, production, entertainment – and beyond – come together to spend an intense, yet fun week at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

We’re excited to be there this year and are putting the finishing touches on everything we’ve got planned as we write this. And as much as we love all the parties, hanging out on yachts, mixing and mingling at rooftop soirées, and enjoying a sensory overload of entertainment – in other words, the things that very much make up the Cannes Lions experience – there are also a lot of really smart and really interesting conversations swirling around just as much as the rosé in our glasses.

So, before we head down to the French Riviera (tough life, eh?) and say cheers to another exciting week ahead, we thought we’d put a few must-see sessions on your radar. After all, if you’re traveling all that way, you might as well take away a few new learnings and insights back to work with you after. Think of it as how you’ll “earn” all that rosé!

Androids, AI, and the Future of Human Creativity

Monday, June 18 @ 3:00-3:45pm (Lumière Theatre)

Hosted by Dentsu

There’s a lot of talk – and skepticism – around AI. Will it take away jobs? What role will it play in the bigger picture of creativity? How will it change the way we work? What will our relationship to it be in the next year or the next five years? And the list goes on. There are a lot more questions than there are answers, but the team at Dentsu is ready to demystify the role of AI in our daily lives as well as explain why it’s a good thing for creativity.   

The Future Belongs to the Rule Breakers

Monday, June 18 @ 3:30-4:00pm (Debussy Theatre)

Hosted by Grey

Every company goes through massive transformation at some point during its lifecycle. The same goes for agencies and agency networks. In this talk, Grey’s Global Creative Chairman, Per Pedersen will talk about what it takes to kick start – and ultimately survive – massive change. It isn’t always easy. In fact, at Zefr, we know a thing or two about this ourselves. Our namesake harkens back to the 1970’s when the Zephyr skate team (aka, the “Z-Boys”), a group of bona fide punks pioneered modern-day skate culture. They did more than push the boundaries of skating as a sport, but they also created a culture that transformed Venice, California from a grimy hippy haven to a world-renowned bastion of creativity. (Don’t worry, the hippies are still there!) We embody the Z-Boys’ spirit, passion, and drive in pushing the boundaries around innovation and performance. Our motto is: “Go Big. Go Fast.” Just like Grey, we’re a bunch of rule-breakers, too!

What Matters Next

Tuesday, June 19 @ 2:00-2:45pm (Lumière Theatre)

Hosted by YouTube

It goes without saying: we love YouTube. In fact, our business is all about making the YouTube experience better for both brands and consumers. So, whenever there’s an opportunity to hear YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki lead a discussion about brand building, engaged audiences, and accountability in the digital age – especially vis-à-vis the YouTube platform – we make sure we’re first in line.  

The Art of the Hustle: A Conversation with Tyler Perry

Wednesday, June 20 @ 4:15-4:45pm (Debussy Theatre)

Hosted by MediaLink

One of the things we love most about Cannes Lions is that there’s always an opportunity for the industry’s biggest movers and shakers, celebrities, influencers, and more share how they embody a spirit a creativity in everything they do. In this fireside chat, MediaLink CEO, Michael Kassan and Hollywood entrepreneur and philanthropist, Tyler Perry will discuss what it means to “hustle” in today’s world as well as why having an entrepreneurial mindset can not only lead to huge success but also bring communities together in a meaningful way.

Now, don’t get us wrong, there are hundreds of other talks to enjoy – both at the Palais and at practically every Festival venue – but these were some of the sessions that both piqued our interest and felt deeply relevant to everything we do as a company. So, if you find a free spot in your schedule, be sure to check these sessions out!