From TV to Digital: Where People Watch Award Shows

For decades, “award season” has been the pinnacle of the entertainment industry and has become woven into the fabric of pop culture as the year’s best movies, music and TV shows are honored and audiences of millions look on.

The season culminates with the Academy Awards this Sunday, and ratings on TV tune-in to the ceremonies is down. Way down – last year’s Oscars hit an eight year low. But viewership is actually up, 54% year over year, on YouTube, as the way viewers engage with award show content shifts.

Social video has drastically changed the viewing experience. Instead of leaning back and watching 4+ hours of a ceremony, many people now turn to platforms like YouTube to catch the clips they care about most, and upload their favorite moments.

YouTube offers brands an unprecedented opportunity to engage with award season content before, during, and after the live event, extending their strategies from live-TV advertising into premium award season content on the platform. ZEFR looked at all of the award season content on YouTube, and put together an e-book uncovering what (and when) people are actually watching on the platform. Statistics within include:

  • There have been 1.01 billion views on award season content over the last three years.
  • The Oscars are the most popular ceremony, followed by the Grammy’s and the Golden Globes.
  • Half the views (51%) are on content directly related to the award shows – clips, highlights, recaps and reviews.
  • There are more than 262 million views on beauty and fashion-related content including red carpet recaps and celebrity “get the look” videos.”
  • Video uploads spike the day after a show as people share their favorite moments – and viewers tune in to see what moments mattered most.

Download the full e-book, including all of ZEFR’s statistics on the Oscars and other awards ceremonies, here.