Do-It-Yourself: 5 Brands Featured in Crafty YouTube Videos

There is a vibrant crafting community on YouTube, filled with YouTubers that specialize in Do-It-Yourself projects. They make videos about everything from scrapbooking to duct-tape crafts. (Yes, duct-tape crafts, such as duct-tape wallets and even duct-tape roses.) YouTube crafters prefer some brands to others when working on their latest projects. Here are five brands being talked about most among the crafting community on YouTube.

Craft Store Hauls

It seems every community has some version of a haul video. The items being hauled (or the stores from which the hauling is done) may change but the concept stays the same. In the case of the DIY crafting community, three stores stand out as popular stops at which to shop.

Hobby Lobby Haul
Hobby Lobby is not as frequently hauled as the some other chains, but this might be attributed to its relative smallness, with just over 600 stores in the United States.

Hobby Lobby Haul Videos on YouTube: 1,012
Hobby Lobby Haul Video Views on YouTube: 463,569

Tuesday Morning Haul
Although it is not exclusively a craft store, Tuesday Morning comes in second overall in DIY haul videos. Its low, competitive pricing likely contributes to its popularity among crafters.

Tuesday Morning Haul Videos on YouTube: 1,802
Tuesday Morning Haul Video Views on YouTube: 915,520

Michaels Haul
No surprise here. Michaels is the biggest craft store to be featured in haul videos. Of the three, it boasts the most locations nationwide, with more than 1040 stores located in 49 of the 50 states.

Michaels Haul Videos on YouTube: 3,968
Michaels Haul Video Views on YouTube: 2,590,232

Tape Projects

The ubiquity of the tape crafter might appear mysterious at first glance, until you discover how easily the adhesive product can be morphed into useful household items.

Washi Tape
The only thing more colorful than Washi tape might be this fan-created tribute tune, featuring the lyrics, “Washi tape your apple so it goes down stylishly!”

Washi Tape Videos on YouTube: 2,978
Washi Tape Video Views on YouTube: 14,083,621

Duck Brand Duct Tape
Duck Brand duct tape in particular is a favorite among YouTube crafters due to their variety of colors and patterns.

Duck Brand Duct Tape Videos on YouTube: 6,118
Duck Brand Duct Tape Video Views on YouTube: 42,147,258


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