When Food Brands and Fan-Recipe Videos Collide

Think of your favorite snack. Now, imagine that you’ve become bored with the conventional version of that snack, and you want to spice it up a bit. Enter the world of fan-recipe videos on YouTube. For practically any food brand you can think of, there are fans on YouTube coming up with creative recipes that take the brand’s intended image and expand on it.

We looked into a few of the best examples of this phenomenon, along with some data to show just how many videos and views brands can target for their next campaigns.

Deep-Fried Oreos

Worried that your Oreos don’t have enough calories to get you through the morning? Nico Kitchen’s “Fast Food Fridays” is here to help:

Nico’s video has earned over 560K views, and almost 1.5K comments from hungry fans:

youtube oreo recipe comments

youtube oreo recipe comments

Chobani Guacamole

For the more health-conscious fans out there, top fitness channel Blogilates came up with a healthier alternative to using sour cream for her amazing “Holy Guacamole” recipe:

Using ZEFR’s BrandID tech, we wanted to see how many yogurt-related recipe videos there were on YouTube. This is what we found:

Yogurt recipe videos on youtube

Watermelon Rice Krispie Treats

Lastly, we’ve got two brands in one, with the classic Rice Krispie Treats getting a boost of color and flavor thanks to some Kool-Aid packets:

And thanks to the comments section, the “chef” gets instant feedback on her new creation:

rice crispies youtube recipe

Takeaway: Targeting Culture

The videos above help to illustrate a simple, yet crucial point, and it’s something we’ve mastered with our tools at ZEFR. Once you understand the fan communities and the culture they engage with, YouTube allows you to target culture in a way that has huge implications for the future of advertising. The opportunities to target in this way are practically limitless, as fans are continually finding new ways to engage with the brands they love most.


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