“ZEFR’s Anatomy of a Fan” eBook Available Now


At ZEFR, we’ve always been passionate about fans… because we’re passionate fans ourselves. And nowhere are fan communities more visible and vocal than on YouTube. For the uninitiated, diving into YouTube can feel chaotic and disorganized at times. But, if you look closely, you’ll see thriving communities organizing themselves into tribes and orbiting certain types of content. These are what we call fan communities.

Fan communities are more than just a collection of people that enjoy the same kinds of videos. They produce their own content, create their own language, and share spoken and unspoken rules of conduct, complete with hierarchies and leadership positions.

Our first ebook “ZEFR’s Anatomy of a Fan” serves as a introductory course on fan communities. It’s a must read for professionals hoping to use YouTube to understand their customers or reach more targeted audiences. When you’re finished with the book, you’ll understand what a fan community looks like, what makes a fan tick, and how the collective passion of these communities have created an overwhelming source of opportunity for brands. Choosing to ignore these communities, on the other hand, represents more than just a missed opportunity – you’ll be falling behind.

Meredith Levine, our author, has committed herself to studying these fan communities, diving into specific groups to understand unique practices, uncovering what fans are producing and consuming, and learning why they participate in these communities. She is a highly regarded author on the study of fan communities.  Meredith spent the last decade studying these communities including a UCLA masters degree on cultures of consumption and production by fans.

We’re very lucky to have her as our in-house fanthropologist, because if you don’t understand the communities on YouTube, you don’t understand YouTube.

She makes us a whole lot smarter, and I hope this ebook will make you smarter too.

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