Happy Halloween! Brands Get in the Spirit

Holidays are all about celebrating traditions, and when it comes to Halloween, that means celebrating candy, costumes, and scaring the crap out of people. So, here are a just a handful of videos featuring brands, from this year and from beyond the grave, to add to your trick or treat bag for today.

First off, three favorites from 2013 posted to brand channels:

Try to find which one of these brilliantly uses fan submitted content.


(FYI, the original video on Crest’s official channel has been removed. So, you can thank the fans for being able to watch this re-upload.)

Chupa Chups


Next, three awesome fan creations:

Can you spot the brand partnership?

Disney Parks



Finally, a couple from beyond the grave:

And, one of these has been kept alive thanks to a reupload on a fan channel.



Oh, and just because it’s awesome:

DED Talk


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