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Four months have passed since we set out to create the leading resource on using YouTube for business. It might not seem like a whole lot of time has passed since we first announced the goal of our blog, but boy has a lot changed. We launched our first eBook to an enthusiastic reception, went from zero to hundreds of blog subscribers, and expanded our brand software to include channel management (ChannelID) and advertising (AdID).

Since October, we’ve published nearly fifty blog posts covering what brands are doing on YouTube, dissecting viral events, explaining the fascinating community on YouTube, and a bunch more. Our audience has given us signs that we’re heading in the right direction, either explicitly with your supportive emails (thank you so much) or implicitly with your engagement (average open rates on our blog emails are over 50%… unheard of). There’s much more where that came from, but we need your help to keep improving every day.

Now, we’re asking for your help to keep improving every day.  Help us deliver content that allows all of us to understand the power of video today and to discover the next can’t miss trend for tomorrow.

  • What are your biggest challenges?
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  • If you could learn more about a couple (or a bundle) of topics, what would they be?

Our mission is to help you all better understand how you can use YouTube to grow your business. Whether you’re a brand hoping to grow your business using YouTube as a marketing and advertising tool, an agency hoping to provide a unique service in an exploding space, or a digital franchise managing your professional rights on the platform, we’re here to help. In order to best serve you, we need to know more about you.

So, we’d be ever so grateful if you’d fill out this quick survey to help us offer the most valuable content we possibly can. We promise to read every suggestion and comment we get, and we guarantee our content will be tailored to address your biggest issues and to tackle the problems you’re most interested in.

Thank you so much for your time.

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