How ZEFR Uncovers the New Video World

At ZEFR Insights, we believe in the power of video to tell important stories and YouTube is the best vehicle for those stories to be delivered. YouTube is not only the biggest video platform in the world, it is also the second largest search engine in the world. For users, this means there is one destination that they can visit in order to find anything that they are looking for.

The breadth is expansive and the depth is even greater. ZEFR’s core technology helps content owners—such as major movie studios and music labels—manage their rights across YouTube. We identify, track, and monetize copyrighted content for the individuals and companies that created it. While serving as the most extensive catalog of video content in the world, YouTube is also the perfect place for brands to reach their consumers in the right moment. For a brand, reaching their target audience in the mindset that aligns with the message is the North Star. At ZEFR, we have built the technology that enables brands to reach their audiences across the most relevant content on the web.

Navigating the fragmented video space is difficult. ZEFR takes the guesswork out of YouTube for both content owners and brands alike. ZEFR’s technology empowers fans, content owners, and brands to utilize the best video platform in the world.

If you’re a regular reader of ZEFR Insights, this is not news. (If not, have you thought about subscribing?) We have always championed the impact of video to tell stories. In that spirit, we made the video below to help tell ZEFR’s story. Enjoy.


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