INFOGRAPHIC: Who Leads The Avengers on YouTube?

ZEFR Insights analyzed YouTube to get a full glimpse of the expansive Marvel Universe. With The Avengers: Age of Ultron hitting theaters this week, fans engage with the content long before and long after they leave the theater, creating a video landscape unlike anywhere else online. The result is a contextual targeting dreamland for brands, as content can be broken down into any number of ways.

avengersAs illustrated above, Marvel’s content on YouTube isn’t just limited to films. Here are some examples from five of the leading categories of Marvel-related video content.

Science and Tech

DIY and How-To



Toys and Games

The key takeaway here for brands is to realize that aligning with culture on YouTube can be done in a contextually relevant way. ZEFR has mastered this strategy, driving better results for clients and delivering valuable insights in the process.


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