Introducing The ZEFR 100

The Top 100 Influencers ranked by ZEFR

Why hasn’t someone done this before?  The influencer space is exploding.  We all know that there is amazing talent – but it’s hard to make sense of it all. With our IMS technology we track over 78,000 accounts across platforms and trained the system to help identify a broad array of the top talent.  Knowing that a straight 1 to 100 list would focus on names many people know – we started there and next identified the biggest trends and then created lists that revealed the top of the top inside those trends.  The goal was go beyond the names we all know because there are so many more people doing amazing work and engaging huge audiences to talk about.

The following list is comprised of the top 100 social influencers with the most real-time relevance, based on total 90-day engagements across their YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels and ranked. A straight ranking of 1 to 100 was obscuring much of the talent and trends identified in the process, so this list is comprised of five categories. Each individual category highlights a tremendous area in the Influencer space.


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