Introducing the ZEFR Blog

We began ZEFR with a vision of helping franchises connect with fans on YouTube in a uniquely authentic way. Making that connection happen for the good of all has always been our driving force. Now, with the products we’ve built, a path has emerged to a world where brands and fans coexist in perfect harmony. The time has come to journey down that path, and we hope you’ll join us.

  • When we created MovieClips, we believed there was a better way for fans to connect with movie content. We challenged ourselves to find out what fans wanted to watch, when they wanted to watch it, and where they wanted to find it. Now we have one of the largest YouTube networks on the web.

  • When we launched RightsID, our content claiming service, we rejected the idea that censorship was the only way to protect intellectual property on YouTube. Remember those depressing error messages stating that “this video has been removed” due to copyright infringement? You just don’t see those anymore, and that’s because we found a way for fans and brands to coexist. We’re working with nearly all of the biggest movie, TV, music, and sports partners in the world. Our work opened up new revenue streams for our partners. Most importantly, it aligned our partners with, not against, their fans.

  • When we announced BrandID, we set out to build a platform that lets brands better understand, reach, and partner with their current and potential fans. The average consumer brand can expect 90%+ of their brand exposure on YouTube to come from fan submitted content. This fan content is more shareable, more authentic – yet, it sits buried beneath the surface like an iceberg. Now that we can access that data for our partners, we expect to see a transformation in the way brands approach their fans. We hope to help our partners develop the right content of their own to attract the right fans at the right time.

Now, there’s more to come. We’re building out a lot of amazing tools to help franchises better connect with their fans. And, the most exciting news about the world where fans and franchises coexist is this: it’s already here – it’s just waiting for you to find it.

The role and goals of the ZEFR Blog

But the ZEFR Blog is not about our products. We’re going to try really really hard not to mention any of our products on this blog (however cool they are). The ZEFR Blog focuses on the topic we’re most passionate about: using YouTube for business. We hope to write stuff that helps anybody with or wanting fans to use YouTube the right way. Here’s some of the stuff you might find here:

An insider perspective on the YouTubeverse

We hope to build the place to go for insights on the unique value of YouTube and its communities, commentary on any new changes or trends, and maybe the occasional dog twerking on skateboard video.

Snarky comments on those doing it right and not so right

For every brilliant move a brand makes on YouTube there are a lot of facepalms. We’ll dig into the dos and donts of brand and fan interactions to figure out what’s really working on YouTube.

How-to get ripped, find the love of your dreams, and achieve endless career advancement

Not really. But over the last few years, we’ve learned a lot building channels and products on YouTube. Our blog is where we’ll share all the ways you can use YouTube like a boss for your business.

And whatever else you’re interested in

Sure, it’s our blog, so we’re going to spent time talking about what we think about YouTube and how we think it should be used. But it’s not about us, it’s about you. So let us know what you’re most interested in.


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