Parenting on YouTube:
A ZEFR Insights Report

As YouTube enters its second decade, the platform has established itself as the foremost destination for fan communities and especially consumers. It is no longer a question of whether or not a brand marketer should develop a strategy specifically tailored for the platform, but rather, what that strategy should look like.

While the opportunities available for brands on YouTube are limitless, even keen marketers can get lost, or even intimidated. The sheer variety of different niche communities—and the subtle nuances that distinguish one from the other—can make reaching your consumer at the right place at the right time seem impossible. Luckily, here at ZEFR, we’ve developed technology to sift through YouTube, video by video, to help our experts develop deep understanding and insight into many of the platform’s consumer eco-systems.

With this in mind, ZEFR Insights is pleased to announce the release of Parenting on YouTube: The Top Child Rearing Video Trends. Within the pages of this Report, readers are guided through specific video trends, featuring viewable content from the community’s top influencers, as well as exclusive access to ZEFR data gathered from top brands (Baby Gap, Pampers, Gerber, Gymboree, and more). Plus, an interview full of useful advice from YouTube creators who have attracted millions of views to their successful channels.

Even if you are a brand that does not work within this particular demographic, the marketing strategies and partnerships discussed throughout this Report can be adapted to nearly every consumer category imaginable. In short, there is something here for anyone interested in learning how to navigate the vastness of YouTube and join the community conversation.


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