Parenting on YouTube, Part Three: Toddler Food, Clothing, and Travel

In part one of our three-part series, “Parenting on YouTube,” ZEFR Insights explored pregnancy trends on the platform. In part two, we focused on the early days of parenting to find the best of the endless video trends from baby showers to rocker reviews to cutting edge tech. With part three, we age along with the child, arriving squarely in the midst of those sometimes complicated toddler years.

But in keeping with the happy sentiment of the series, YouTube is here to help yet again, and ZEFR Insights has unearthed some of the most useful toddler trends on the platform.


Food: Keeping Picky Toddlers Happy and Healthy

That beautiful bouncing baby used to eat, well, anything. Now, that baby has grown up a bit and has the wherewithal to grimace and turn away from the approaching spoon with disgust! Thankfully, YouTube has plenty of advice to offer, with vloggers covering everything from healthy eating to cooking quick meals that reflect the family’s culinary values. For example, YouTuber Catherine McCord runs the channel Weelicious, where she makes weekly videos devoted to “fast, easy and fresh homemade” recipes.

WhatsUpMoms is a collaborative channel run by Elle Walker and fellow moms, Meg and Brooke. Among the many videos the channel features, some of the most popular are Meg’s food-focused episodes. These videos are not only instructional for nutritional ideas, but can also double as interactive instruction manuals, allowing viewers to pause the step-by-step instructions as they actually prepare the recipe at home along with Meg.

Are you a health-conscious parent? Meg has you covered:

Problems with a picky eater? Meg has some ideas for that too:

Smartly, baby food brand Gerber has taken notice of this trend and created a series of videos on their official channel featuring useful baby and toddler feeding tips.

How Do I Know When to Start Baby Finger Foods?:

How Do I Encourage My Toddler to Eat Healthy?:

Clothing: From Baby Gap to Disney Hauls

Much like the Beauty gurus who’ve gained widespread fame on YouTube, some parents like to show off the clothes they buy for their children in similarly styled toddler clothing hauls. In fact, not all of these videos come from just parenting channels. Many YouTubers who specialize in other areas (mainly Beauty) will make haul videos when their own baby or toddler has arrived:

A brand such as Baby Gap would be wise to consider exploring the platform and unearth content they could align with successfully, especially this YouTuber and her store-specific hauls:

Even family destinations (Disneyland, anyone?) might want to take a look at what some vloggers are doing in preparation for the big day out:

Travel: Staying Safe with Stroller and Car Seat Reviews

A major priority for new parents is making sure they are well informed about the best and safest gear for traveling with the family’s newest member. Yet again, YouTube can quell some of these anxieties in new parents with its informative content.

There are videos dedicated to reviews of strollers, helping the indecisive couple with too many choices:

Of course, picking a proper car seat comes with a host of anxieties, especially when trying to determine a balance between value and safety:

Some brands have even jumped on YouTube to assist new parents with instructional videos, such as this one from Graco on how to install a car seat:

There are also videos from helpful YouTuber moms on how to properly use baby carriers like this one from Baby Bjorn:

What Brands Should Know

In summary, when consumers are faced a new problem, the solution is likely to be found somewhere inside the vast universe of YouTube, a place made infinitely more navigable for brands thanks to contextual targeting technology from ZEFR.


For now, ZEFR Insights concludes its series investigating “Parenting on YouTube.” We invite you to revisit (or discover) Part One and Part Two, or check out our Beyond Reviews eBook featuring 12 types of videos influencing shoppers.

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