Parenting on YouTube, Part Two: From Diaper Cakes to Magic Sleep Suits

In part one of our three-part series, “Parenting on YouTube,” ZEFR Insights explored pregnancy trends on the platform. Here, in part two, we delve deeply into the daunting days of early parenting to find the best of the endless video trends from baby showers to rocker reviews.

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Baby Shower Decorations and Hauls

Some brands are catching on to the enormous potential of getting in front of new parents who are using YouTube, the second-largest search engine in the world, to find reassuring advice to quell the anxiety that often comes with approaching parenthood. Pampers has smartly started creating advice videos, including helpful tips about how to liven up a baby shower.

The platform also boasts of thousands of YouTube creators that brands would be wise to align with, such as The Mom’s View, which boasts over 350 thousand subscribers who have powered the channel to 57 million views. Here are hosts Sharzad and Kayli celebrating “Baby Shower Week” with an episode devoted to the popular “haul” trend.

Ellie and Jared are a couple who have attracted quite a following of their own, utilizing a more personalized approach. Less like a television show and more like the intimate vlog style content that thrives best on YouTube, it’s the authenticity of this Baby Shower video that is driving views and channel subscriptions.

Nursery Tours

Another thing ZEFR Insights discovered while exploring “Parenting on YouTube” is the nursery tour trend. On its surface, these would appear to be nothing more than an extension of house tours, with an expecting couple, or new parents, showing off their design skills. But imagine the reassurance these videos provide other couples looking to YouTube for some generous tips and simply an idea of where to begin. Again, YouTube delivers.

If your budget allows for more, you will find plenty of “celebrity” interior designers to help you create a space for your newborn that will wow your friends and in-laws and new grandparents (if not your new baby, who is unable to recognize the colors you’ve so carefully selected).

If the notion of hiring an interior designer only adds to your anxiety, well, YouTube is here to help once again. The Project Nursery channel promises you can have that “trendy” nursery you’ve dreamed up and achieve it on a dime.

“What’s In My Diaper Bag?”

Again, smart brands know that YouTube is a search engine. When people use YouTube, they are looking for specific things: from a favorite musician’s newest release, to how-to videos, to any bit of advice they can find to solve a particular problem. New parents are some of the most active viewers on the platform and Johnson’s Baby has created a channel to help. Here, Johnson’s has not only recognized that “What’s In My Diaper Bag?” is a popular trend on YouTube, but enters into that space with a helpful video dispelling myths about what needs to go into that bag parents lug around everywhere.

Similar to nursery tours, there is also a wide range of styles and budgets that can appeal to new or expecting parents of all kinds. For example, you might learn that in addition to its famous line of designer luggage, Prada also makes diaper bags.

If you are a brand looking for authenticity and want to align with YouTube creators who happily disclose how they found and why they picked the items they love, here are Cullen and Katie talking about their new diaper bag made by Jeep.

Baby Tech

If you haven’t noticed, we live in an age of continuously emerging technology. This fact, of course, includes innovative new ways to comfort, monitor, and get your newborn to finally fall asleep. First, there is this rocker made by Mamaroo that can be set to mimic a car ride or even a tree swing, as well as provide ambient sounds to soothe a restless newborn and give tired moms a well-deserved rest.

There is also Sproutling, who, from the looks of this video, is seeking to catch the attention of tech-minded hip parents whose appetite for gadgets extends all the way to monitoring the newest member of their family with this amazing device.

Technology does not always have to involve electricity. Nearly universal among new parents is the complaint, “Will I ever sleep again?” Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit thinks it has a solution, even if it transforms your newborn into a tiny marshmallow person.

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The final edition of ZEFR Insights’ three-part series investigating “Parenting on YouTube” concludes next week with toddlers, strollers, car seats, first birthday parties, and more. In the meantime, you can revisit Part One here.

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