Parenting on YouTube, Part One: From Zero to Nine Months

In the first of a three-part series, ZEFR Insights explores the unique world of “Parenting on YouTube.” Here we start, quite literally, at the beginning.

In this digital age, it is no surprise that every moment of a person’s life can be and often is recorded and uploaded to the internet, starting as early as the moment they are born. In fact, thanks to a trend known as “announcement videos,” this process begins not long after conception, creating unique opportunities for brands looking to reach the “baby shower gift-buying” audience. What better time to engage potential consumers than right after they’ve learned that their sibling, friend, son, daughter, and so on, is having a baby boy or baby girl?

To help brands uncover more targeting opportunities like this, we’ve identified nine different video trends around parenting, leading up to that precious first day of school. As we head toward Mother’s Day, join ZEFR Insights and follow along as we explore this ever-expanding and useful universe on YouTube.

pregnancy on youtube

Pregnancy Announcements

In a world where everyone has a camera attached to their phone, the tradition of revealing the news of a pregnancy to the family is often captured through video with some interesting results.

These videos can be about revealing the news to a partner, perhaps in a style that recalls a tradition of their own, like this couple celebrating their love of photo booths:

A popular announcement video features the response from the new grandparents, which resembles another trend on YouTube, known as the “reaction video”:

Plenty of couples also like to film the reaction their kids have to the news that they’re going to be have a new sibling with which to share the home:

Gender Reveal

After discovering that they are pregnant, many couples can’t wait to learn the sex of the baby. While most people would simply go to the doctor and have an ultrasound performed, some expectant parents go a step further. The purpose of a “Gender Reveal” video is, obviously, to share the news on whether the baby is a boy or girl.

These clips can be high-quality content with thoughtful production, like this video from the collective channel, WhatsUpMoms:

Or, they can be shot more candidly, in a familiar home-video style:

Sometimes the pregnant party knows the gender already and is revealing it to friends and family. (Again, similar to the ubiquitous “reaction video” genre):

Sometimes, it’s the parents themselves who are on the receiving end of the big reveal:

Pregnancy Tips

As the pregnancy progresses, so does the quality of the YouTube content available to expectant parents. Instead of the sometimes entertaining “reveals” described above, as with almost any topic imaginable, YouTube becomes a resource full of information. (This might be why YouTube is currently the world’s second-largest search engine.) Often, moms-to-be will turn to YouTube as a resource, a place to learn about, well, what to expect when they’re expecting. It can be a treasure trove of tricks and tidbits, especially considering that many YouTuber moms are quite generous with sharing their own experience.

What to do when the morning sickness kicks in?:

How do you deal with out-of-control food cravings?:

There are even videos on maternity styling tips for expectant moms:

What Does This Mean for Brands?

People often turn to YouTube to experience and share moments of genuine human happiness. What happier event is there in a person’s life than the birth of a child? Thanks to the social nature of video, and the world of digital media, people can share their joy with others beyond their direct family and friends. These eager YouTube creators might even impart some wisdom to an expecting mother in need of a little knowledge. This enormous amount of content is an invitation to brands to not just reach consumers who might make a purchase, but consumers who would welcome an “advertisement” that is not just an ad, but an extension of the kind of information expectant parents are seeking.

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