Pokémon Go takes over Gaming on YouTube


Pokémon Go, the location-based mobile game, captured the worlds attention in July as the first of its kind augmented reality game to be adopted by the masses.

As popularity grew, users recorded their adventures to share as video experiences on YouTube and views skyrocketed.

As of August 1st, Pokémon Go content on YouTube had over 135,000 videos uploaded with over 1.4 Billion views. And out of all of those videos, only 1% came from official Pokémon Go brand content.

Pokemon_Overview&Trends image.001

ZEFR took a deep dive to see the top trends from Pokémon Go content on YouTube:

1) Pokémon and Pokémon Go Gameplay

Gameplay content for both the traditional Pokémon video game and for the new mobile Pokémon Go game is the most popular on YouTube because both specific Pokémon IP games are a part of the massive YouTube Gaming Vertical.


Channel: iTownGamePlay ✮Terror&Diversión✮

Subscribers: 6.4 M

Video Views: 581k

2) Pokémon Go Vlogs

The active, community exploration element of Pokémon Go lends itself naturally to vlogging – a format in which creators document and comment on their lives. Pokémon Go vlogs differ from Gameplay in that they tend to provide more opinions and commentary – making it a more experiential documentation of playing.


Channel: TheDiamondMinecart // DanTDM

Subscribers: 11.9M

Views: 5.7M

3) Pokémon Go Comedy

In a few short weeks Pokémon Go has become a cultural phenomenon, which has provided popular content creators and publishers a new pop-culture subject to capitalize on and to create comedy, sketches, and parodies.


Channel: Rooster Teeth

Subscribers: 8.7M

Views: 485k

*All data is from Pokémon Go content and does not include other content from Pokémon IP pertaining to the IP’s games, entertainment media content, playing cards.