12 Killer Resources for Paid Media on YouTube

Paid media is the necessary third part of a successful, and complete, YouTube strategy. We have already assembled some of the best resources for both owned media and earned media, so now here are some resources to help strengthen your paid media strategy. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for all the latest tips on YouTube marketing.

Paid Media Guides From Google/YouTube

First up is a collection of resources provided to advertisers by both Google and YouTube, which includes some of their tools and best practices for paid media.

1. YouTube Advertising Overview

An overview of everything YouTube has to offer its advertisers. Can’t go wrong starting here:

Paid Media Resources YouTube

“Deliver your message to the right people at the right time with video ads. Every business has an audience on YouTube.”


2. Google Support – Display ads on YouTube

Pulled from the Google AdWords Certification Exam Study Guides, this particular section is filled with great paid media topics just for YouTube, and there’s plenty to dig your teeth into. One example: a breakdown of the differences between Auction and Reserved Media Buys on YouTube:

“As a part of the Google Display Network, YouTube allows advertisers to leverage the AdWords’ auction-based system to target specific YouTube content.”

To find out what exactly Auction and Reserved Media Buys are, and when to use one over the other, click here.

3. Google Video Ads – Step-by-Step Guide 

Google walks advertisers through the process of creating a campaign on YouTube in this handy guide for AdWords.
Paid Media Resources YouTube

4. YouTube In-Stream Ads: Captivate Your Audience [PDF]

paid media resources youtube 5
YouTube explains the different kinds of in-stream ads, while assessing the benefits of each in this excellent, 2 page PDF.

“Target viewers by geography, demographic criteria, or topic to make sure that your ads reach the right audience and get the attention they deserve.”


5. YouTube Advertising Resources

So, if you were being thorough as you worked through each of these resources, you should have already found this page from the very first “YouTube Overview” resource. But, we felt it was important enough to highlight again just in case you got lazy. This is a well curated selection of resources that YouTube maintains for advertisers.

“YouTube works hard to provide a reliable home for your brand. We have systems in place to categorize videos, and Community Guidelines, so that ads can be matched with appropriate content.”


6. Mastering AdWords for Video Tutorial Series [Videos]

Last but not least from Google/YouTube, we have this video series. Though slightly outdated, given that a few of the videos have been taken down, there’s still a lot of valuable info here:

Paid Media Tips From Blogs

Next, we have some tips from expert blogs on how to maximize paid media strategies.

7. ClickZ | YouTube Paid Advertising – A Beginners Guide

Here we have ClickZ’s fifth most read article of 2013, and a solid argument in favor of advertising with TrueView Ads:

“According to YouTube, over six billion hours of video are watched each month on the video search engine … This presents enormous opportunity for brands to promote their goods and services to a worldwide audience through video advertising on the world’s second largest search engine.”

See the full extent of what the author of the piece, Benjamin Spiegel, has to say about TrueView here.


8. ZEFR Blog | YouTube Ad Formats 101: Where to Advertise and Why

Read our explanation of the various types of ads available on YouTube, and learn when to use which ads depending on the objectives of your paid media campaign.

“Pairing the right ad placements with your specific objective is the most fundamental way to make sure you’re getting the most value out of your marketing budget. Here’s a brief guide that lays out which ad formats to use for some of the most common KPIs on YouTube.”


9. ReelSEO | The YouTube Advertiser Playbook Index and Overview

ReelSEO breaks down and indexes all 9 parts of the YouTube Advertiser Playbook, with a brief description of each section, and a link to their coverage on it.

“Titles, keywords, descriptions.  Things that describe the video so that a search engine can find context.  Perhaps there will be one day where computers can scan a video and tell you all of the contents of it, but for now, writing the relevant metadata is important in video discovery.”


10. Tubefilter | Meet the Top 1% of YouTube’s “Google Preferred” Channels for Advertisers

Tubefilter investigates YouTube’s new offering for advertisers, Google Preferred.

“Brands and marketers who commit to buying advertising space on YouTube in advance will reportedly be given the opportunity to advertise against these select few Google Preferred channels.”

What precisely is Google Preferred and how will it impact paid media? Read the full article to find out.

11. ZEFR’s Introductory Guide to Brand Integration on YouTube [eBook]

Get our latest eBook here to learn the ins and outs of brand integration deals and how they can supplement a paid media campaign.

Paid Media Resources YouTube

12. Business Insider | This Chart Breaks Down Why Advertisers Need YouTube

Paid Media Resources YouTube

“With 1 billion unique users every month, YouTube has become a necessary platform in virtually any marketing plan. MDG Advertising created an infographic that breaks down all the numbers that explain why advertisers need to be on the video sharing site.”

Check out the awesome chart in its entirety here.


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