Saturday Night Live’s International Presence on YouTube

A look at the reach of SNL’s International YouTube channel in its first year.

Now in its 40th year on air, Saturday Night Live has captured the attention of countless fans, in addition to launching the widely successful careers of many of its most popular cast members. Originally intended to span only six episodes in its first run, SNL has since featured hundreds of episodes over 39 seasons, and has secured a cult following in the United States and beyond.

For the past year here at ZEFR, we’ve been managing Saturday Night Live’s international channel (only available outside the U.S. – link will redirect to the U.S. channel for our stateside readers), thanks to our partnership with Broadway Video. To celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary, we decided to pull some of the channel’s most interesting stats:

Congrats to everyone at SNL and Broadway Video. The 40th Anniversary Special airs February 15, 2015.


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