Spring Cleaning Trends to Refresh Your YouTube Strategy

We’ve said it before, every brand has fans on YouTube. They just have to know where to look. For a brand planning their “spring cleaning” campaigns, it might come as a surprise to discover that many of the trends on YouTube that actively celebrate the season of rejuvenation and reorganization come from the Beauty community. It seems Spring is the makeover season for all things, not just outfits and makeup. Here are three video trends happening on YouTube some brands might look for as the snow melts and spring begins to blossom into the season for cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Motivation

Fans looking for spring-cleaning motivation often turn to their favorite YouTubers for advice and tips. In “Clean My Room” videos, YouTubers help viewers develop strategies to clean their rooms, usually starting with their bedrooms. They walk viewers through the process of preparation, the actual cleaning, and the gleaming result of their efforts. The tutorials are often accompanied by surprisingly useful tips and tricks and favorite tools (Clorox wipes are particularly popular) shouted out as the cleaning commences. And, judging by the view counts, people really do want to watch other people clean.

clean my room spring cleaning youtube

Beauty Gurus Spring Clean Too!

With all the items Beauty Gurus haul throughout the year, it’s no surprise that there is also a video trend around tidying up the closets where all that stuff is stored. ”Clean My Closet” videos document the guru’s attempt at making more space by trying to cut back on clothing items.

clean my closet spring cleaning youtube

DIY Organization + Decor

Once the cleaning is done it’s time to organize and decorate all that shiny new space. YouTubers also make Do-It-Yourself Organization videos, creating interesting homemade items to help declutter their lives. These types of videos often include handcrafted spring-inspired decor.

diy decor spring cleaning youtube

Cleaning Up

If digging deeply into the data reveals that “spring cleaning” is a real trend with a vast viewership, it validates a notion we have championed all along at ZEFR: If you are a brand, there is an audience for you on YouTube. As we stated up front, the trick is to find that audience and align with the platform’s top creators to increase your brand’s exposure to the people most likely to respond positively to your message. The best news for brands closely associated with “spring cleaning” or not, is that on YouTube, there now exists a perpetual, never-ending “season” for everything.


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