Last week, Cannes Lions brought the global advertising industry together in the French Riviera. Conversations that had been taking place around the world came to a head as the most important minds in media and marketing joined together to discuss the convergence of technology and creativity to create and distribute the world’s best work. Here, we share our key takeaways from the event, rounding up what mattered most on and off the Croisette.

Innovation Matters

Communication and innovative thinking are key when it comes to maintaining relationships and seeing results in brand marketing, and both clients and agencies benefit when a commitment to both is applied. Our co-CEO Rich Raddon shared his thoughts alongside executives from FourSquare, OMD and more in a discussion onsite.

Brand Authenticity Matters

Brands now, more than ever, are seeking ways to relate to their fans and involve themselves in the conversations happening around them on all platforms. Social video allows them to so that in a way that feels honest and involved. Zefr’s Trygve Jensen joined client Kingsford Charcoal and top Snapchatter Shonduras to discuss how to integrate influencers into brand campaigns while maintaining authenticity in message, for both the influencer, and the brand. Read a recap in the Lions Daily News on pg. 16.

Context Matters

The content an ad runs against impacts the way it is perceived. As advertising investments shift from TV to digital, brands are looking for ways to maintain the traditional content alignment they’re used to via contextual targeting, like that offered by Zefr and its BrandID technology. For more on the way TV viewing behavior is changing,what brands need to know, and why context matters, download our original research on TV 3.0.

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ZEFR is pleased to announce the release of BrandID Suite. BrandID Suite is a visualization of YouTube that has been filtered and organized for brands, helping them to better understand the scale, quality, and opportunities available on the world’s biggest video platform. Request a demo right here.

YouTube has quickly become the best place for advertisers to reach the exact audience they seek, replacing traditional media and TV with its unique ability to target precisely the right viewers in the right context. With its scale of quality content, covering the widest variety of topics, YouTube empowers advertisers with millions of opportunities. This fact makes YouTube impossible to ignore for brands, but the sheer scale can also foster anxiety and confusion. With so much content—400 hours of new video is uploaded every minute to the platform—it can be a challenge for advertisers to know how to work with YouTube’s potential, or to even see it. For these reasons, ZEFR has created BrandID Suite.

zefr brandid suite segments
The segments available in BrandID Suite’s “Beauty & Personal Care Package”
BrandID Suite harnesses ZEFR’s video ID technology to identify and organize the best videos for brands on YouTube. The output is the visualization of over 6,000 topics that are grouped into larger packages to give brands and advertisers a comprehensive solution to target their digital advertising campaigns with unprecedented precision. We believe this is another tool that will empower advertisers to feel as comfortable buying on YouTube as they have with traditional television. BrandID Suite merchandises YouTube content like TV, taking inspiration from media’s past to lay foundation for its future.

zefr brandid suite package screenshot
The title screen of a package in BrandID Suite, including a custom trailer video
After previewing an early version of BrandID Suite, Rich Greenfield, the leading media and tech analyst at BTIG, said: “Linear TV viewing is now in secular decline. Brands must find and engage consumers on digital and mobile platforms. ZEFR’s new YouTube visualization should help brands accelerate the shift of TV ad dollars to digital.”

In BrandID Suite, advertisers can explore the best content across 6,000 identified categories. Brands can explore the segments that make up every possible vertical—from Automotive to Food and Recipes to Sci-Fi—all in one clean, sleek interface. ZEFR’s VideoID technology looks at, ingests, and tags content on YouTube, allowing advertisers to see the actual videos they are placing their ads against.

ZEFR is always seeking and building new ways to leverage our technology and data to deliver an advantage to marketers. BrandID Suite was engineered to make YouTube more accessible for brands. We believe BrandID Suite will make the advertising world as excited about the opportunities available on YouTube as we are.

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