For live events such as the Oscars, the buzzwords on every marketer’s mind as of late have been “real-time marketing,” all thanks to that one Oreo tweet during the Super Bowl blackout in 2013. Plus, who can forget last year’s viral selfie where Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres gathered as many of Hollywood’s A-listers that could fit onto a Samsung phone’s screen to take the most famous selfie in television broadcast history.

While there is some debate about its actual effectiveness, the smartest answer is that “real-time marketing” is simply one part of a larger digital strategy around the biggest, most-watched cultural events. So, if you missed the chance to connect with audiences in “real time,” YouTube is always filled with opportunities to align with Hollywood’s biggest night.

With 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, we at ZEFR are here to help target the right content with the right message – and the first step is knowing what to look for.

Similar to our look at the Super Bowl ads on YouTube, we looked into what the world’s biggest video platform has to say about the Academy Awards, revealing the top video categories and trends you should be aware of, along with some data for good measure.

The Oscar Archives

The official YouTube channel for The Oscars, aka The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, contains a vault of classic Oscars moments, letting film fans relive them again and again, engaging with the content through comments, and inspiring fans to create their own videos. Here are a few of our “must-see” videos covering the most historic Oscar moments.

The First Televised Oscars Opening in 1953

Pay close attention to Bob Hope’s opening monologue (starting at the 2:28 mark) and you’ll notice some interesting comments (and a few dated jokes) showing how the film industry really felt about the arrival of its newest competitor: television.

Here are some of the best of Hope’s barbs directed at the arrival of TV. We think they sound oddly similar to the same kind of speculation the long-established television industry now throws in the direction of this “new thing” called digital video:

“Television – that’s where movies go when they die.”

“I’m not here to belittle television because you can’t ignore an industry that has brought fame to Chef Milani, fortune to Hopalong Cassidy, and perpetual youth to the Bowery boys. Just imagine how Leo Gorcey’s kid must feel watching TV and finding out his old man is younger than he is.”

“Don’t get me wrong, television is wonderful. Today you can sit at home and see Broadway shows, go to church in your own living room… But some movie companies are still stubborn about recognizing television. Jack Warner still refers to TV as ‘that furniture that stares back.’ But, movies are still your best entertainment. It’s all movies ladies and gentlemen. And it’ll always be your best entertainment.”

As we’ve said many times before on this blog in many different ways, YouTube is the new mainstream, and as Bob Hope reveals above, this generational shift that occurs from one entertainment medium to the next is nothing new. The issue is simply whether you are prepared for the next big change.

The First Oscar Broadcast in Color: 1966 Oscars

The “red carpet” is red!

Unforgettable Acceptance Speeches

“Thank you! I want to be rocketed by the waves of your beauty!” Well said, Roberto. Well said.

Hilarious Presenters

Did you know that there are actual lyrics to the “get off the stage” music? Presenters Will Ferrel and Jack Black are here to fill you in:

Ranking the Hosts

We used our video targeting tech to rank the last 10 oscar hosts by views. Looks like Ellen’s selfie might be the difference maker:


For Your Consideration: Fan Submissions

As with any video topic, the official channels only tell a slice of the story, the rest comes straight from the fans. Here are our nominees for best fan-made Oscar videos on YouTube:

Who Decides the Oscars?

Before They Were Famous: Oscars 2015 Edition

Kids Reenact 2015 Oscar Nominees

LIVE Reactions to the Oscar Nominations

Who is your pick for Best Oscar fan video on YouTube? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to subscribe to catch all the latest tips and trends for video marketing and advertising on YouTube.

p.s. We never said Birdman wasn’t also a good film.


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