Technically Speaking [Video]

Inside the Minds of Zefr Technology

The struggle is real. Everyday, brands face the challenge of how to get attention in an increasingly crowded digital space. With OTT views on the rise (and traditional television views on a steady downward slope), brand advertisers are always on the lookout for the best way to reach their audience at scale.

At Zefr, our product, engineering and data science teams are producing some pretty cool and unique solutions to these challenges. So, we decided to create “Technically Speaking,” a video series that takes a deep dive, behind-the-scenes look at our proprietary technology—including stuff that hasn’t been released! Call us crazy, but we like to call it “pushing boundaries.” After all, our namesake Zephyr skate team, circa 1970’s, pioneered the Venice, CA skate culture with their drive for innovation and performance. We aspire to do the same for video advertising.

This week’s Technically Speaking episode features VP of Product at Zefr, Eric Goldman. Goldman explains,

“A lot of what we’re working on is to really build the tools that help identify the most important elements of content that brands are sensitive too. For example, things that are really massive on YouTube but are challenging for brands, like kids content. Some brands cannot be around kids—think of alcohol content—while other brands intend to be around them, like major toy brands. One of the elements we’re adding to our system is the ability to identify the content that’s intended for kids and make it very easy for brands to either include or exclude it.”

Our comfort zone is on the cutting edge, where great ideas are born and mature into even better technological solutions, using machine learning and human review. True to our motto, “Go big. Go Fast,” we’re moving full speed ahead with no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Go on. Take a peek under the hood and see for yourself.

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