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Travel Industry Video Trends

Airlines, travel agencies, and booking sites pay attention, because the opportunities to align your brand with highly engaging, authentic video content are just waiting to be discovered. With summer vacations just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to learn how travelers are using YouTube to research potential destinations, determine what essentials they should pack, and document their journeys to create lasting memories for themselves and loved ones.

As with so many video categories and trends on YouTube, contextually targeting such a vast landscape of continually uploaded, user-generated content can be a real challenge for brands and advertisers. Here, ZEFR Insights dives into the world of Travel on YouTube offering an entry point for any brand seeking to make informative decisions about how best to capitalize on the wide range of travel and tourism opportunities that exist in digital video. Below are just a few of the top travel trends we looked into, so keep in mind that there is a whole world left to explore.

Where to Go: Researching Destinations

YouTube allows you to target beyond specific content, capturing audiences with a particular mindset. For users researching travel destinations, this means targeting people with a mindset that is focused on expanding their horizons and itching to get out and see what the world has to offer. One common video trend emphasizes “places to see before you die,” that reveals some awe-inspiring sights that have to be seen (or, in this case, viewed) to be believed.

What to Bring: Packing the Essentials

Once travelers have picked a destination and it’s time to start packing, there is one YouTube community that really delivers: beauty vloggers. As one of the strongest and most dynamic communities on YouTube, beauty vlogger content appears across verticals you might not expect, including travel. Yet, a search for “travel essentials” quickly reveals a whole host of video trends worth following. From makeup bags to in-flight routines, these vloggers have a ton of tips to offer when it comes to getting to your destination in style.

Here is a data breakdown of three different “travel tips/essentials” video trends popular among the beauty vlogger community:

travel video trends on youtube zefr data

How to Remember and Share: Travel Diaries

Now that pretty much everyone has a high-quality video camera in their pocket, capturing those incredible “hope you’ll never forget” vacation moments has never been easier. “Travel Diaries” are a popular way to string together the best moments in a way that is easily sharable, allowing users at home to live vicariously through the creator’s journey, and hopefully inspiring them to pack their own bags for an adventure.

Takeaway for Brands

As this brief glimpse into travel illustrates, YouTube’s open platform creates an authentic, engaging environment where every step of a consumer’s journey is on display. This means that contextual targeting becomes more than just trying to align with the right content (which is a must) – it becomes about targeting the right mindsets. Knowing that a user is watching a “travel essentials” video tells you a lot about their mindset and what sort of problem they are hoping to solve. This strategy is applicable across virtually any industry. The key is having the right targeting strategy and tools from the outset.

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