Which Candidate is Winning the Race on YouTube in the Home Stretch?

People won’t be going to the polls until Tuesday, but YouTube viewers have been voting with their eyeballs for the past several months, and ZEFR has been tracking the results.

There have been more than 4 billion views of videos pertaining to the candidates and their campaigns on the platform since March, including 600 million-plus views each for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton-related content in October alone.


The view count battle between the candidates doesn’t precisely mirror the polls. It’s more like an amped-up, ‘roided-out reflection of the already exceptionally wild and woolly real world presidential race.

ZEFR found that Republican Trump dominated monthly views from March to July, often pulling in more than Clinton and her fellow Democratic contender Bernie Sanders combined.



But, in August, Clinton’s views began to grow, and she’s bested Trump for the past two months, as views of content related to both candidates doubled from September to October.

However, as of last month, YouTube viewers were still leaning right in the vice presidential race, In October, Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence scored 45.3 million views, while his Democratic counterpart Tim Kaine managed just 3.8.3 million.



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