YouTube in June: What’s Being Watched

This is a series that spotlights culturally significant and popular uploads to YouTube, curated monthly by ZEFR Insights.

1. President Obama Sings “Amazing Grace”

On June 17th, 2015, a mass shooting took place at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal in Charleston, South Carolina. Nine people were shot and killed, among them, South Carolina State Senator Clementa Pinckney. Obama delivered a moving eulogy for Reverend Pinckney, reflecting on the reverend’s legacy and teachings. He concluded his eulogy by singing “Amazing Grace” a cappella, soon after joined by the crowd.

2. Remove Cat Before Flight

A stowaway cat made its way onto an airplane and accidentally got taken for a wild plane ride. The pilot, Romain Jantot, had just taken off in an open-air Skyranger plane and was beginning to fly hundreds of feet in the air when the cat suddenly stuck its head into the cockpit. The bewildered kitty bravely clung on. Luckily, the pilot was able to land the plane quickly. Once landed, the terrified cat an off, unharmed. Jantot reported, “The cat is doing very well, she is still the [flying] club’s mascot.” Cat-astrophe avoided.

3. #ProudToLove

YouTube celebrated the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality with a moving montage showing that they are #ProudToLove the LGBT community and marriage equality. The compilation featured personal coming-out videos, happy couples getting married, and political figures advocating for equal rights. Over the years, YouTube has been a supportive place for the LGBT community to help amplify their voice.

YouTube’s official blog released a statement:

“At YouTube, we’re proud to stand with the LGBT community to support equal rights and marriage equality – we believe that everyone has the right to love and be loved. Pride Month may be coming to a close, but we hope YouTube is a place where you can feel proud and build a community all year long.”

4. Guy Pretends He Got Drafted In The 2015 NBA Draft

Elite Daily Humor Writer, Connor Toole (who also happens to be almost 7-feet tall), showed up at Barclays Center in Brooklyn in a suit, beard, and sunglasses. He managed to convince hundreds of people that he was one of the hopefuls to be drafted. Crowds of people swarmed him to take selfies and wish him good luck. “It turns out if you wear a suit, act really confident, and are also seven feet tall,” Toole quipped. “It’s really easy to get on the floor of the NBA draft.”

After the draft was over, Toole resumed his ruse and by partying in Manhattan as the “newest member of The Utah Jazz.” Everywhere he went, he was met with congratulatory hugs, free drinks, and women’s phone numbers. Toole concluded, “All around, it [seems] like a great life when you’re in the NBA.”

5. Kit Harington Judges Jon Snow Impersonators

Kit Harington stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he was the celebrity judge of the best Jon Snow impression. (If you’ve been living in a cave for the past 6 years, Jon Snow is the beloved “Watcher on the Wall” from HBO’s Game of Thrones.) The trio of impersonators read a box of Frosted Flakes, a real estate listing, and the back of a shampoo bottle. It turns out anything can sound dramatic when read in the voice of Jon Snow. Who’s the winner? Watch the video and decide for yourself. (Our vote is with the Frosted Flakes guy.)


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