Zefr Entertainment Offers Premium, Brand Safe Content

A statement from Zefr on its Zefr Entertainment offering:

Zefr, the video advertising and digital rights management platform, is delivering premium, inherently brand safe solutions for advertisers on YouTube. Its Zefr Entertainment product, a Top 10 ComScore rated YouTube property, offers a collection of the highest quality studio-produced content for brands that want to run creative in a brand safe environment.

Every video within the Zefr Entertainment offering originated from Zefr’s major studio partners and is approved based on brand safety criteria. The inventory stems from Zefr’s rights management division, which offers its clients, including Warner Bros.; Warner Bros. TV; Lionsgate; Universal; Hasbro; and more, the unique ability to identify, understand and monetize their copyrighted content on YouTube, across all key genres. Additionally, Zefr Entertainment is Nielsen DAR compliant, providing a guarantee that a brand’s key demographic is reached.

“Zefr Entertainment gives brands the ability to align with the most premium movie and television videos on YouTube,” said Jason Kirk, chief business officer, Zefr. “We’ve been working with the world’s biggest studios and networks for years to help them get the most value out of their owned content on social platforms. Brands running creative against that content are assured it will be delivered against only the best, most brand-safe videos available.”

Zefr Entertainment is available to all brands and advertisers looking to align with premium entertainment content on YouTube.