ZEFR Olympics Insights

The Olympics on YouTube is bigger than we ever could’ve imagined. Video content from the most classic and beloved sporting event in the world now has the ability to live on for years, gaining billions of lifetime views.

All the things we love about the Olympics — qualifying competition highlights, sporting and ceremonial clips, even the emotional ads that pull at your feelings — all have a home now on the largest repository for earned media in the world. But what does it all mean, and why does it matter?

At ZEFR, we analyzed the topics and trends most important to Olympic viewers on YouTube, and turned them into actionable opportunities for brands. We also examined the brand landscape of Olympic ads, and looked at how the Official Olympic sponsors stacked up.

During our analysis, we discovered a common thread in the data — the Olympics appear to exist on YouTube as a method of preserving remarkable key moments in sports history. Because Olympic content accumulates billions of lifetime views on social video platforms, the 2016 Summer Olympics marks the first time we are able to fully understand the landscape of this momentous event on YouTube.